16 Facts About ‘Fifty Shades’ Star Jamie Dornan

Holly Coller

By A. Charlotte Rose

OCTOBER 24, 2013: E.L. James has not posted anything on Twitter and Universal Studios is not commenting yet, but the rest of the world is buzzing with the story that broke in Variety last night and has been picked up by media around the world: Jamie Dornan is the new Christian Grey.

Details are still being finalized, so producers and Fifty Shades of Grey author James are staying mum, but they must be taking a huge sigh of relief that: A) They found their Christian Grey, and B) Jamie Dornan is being more widely accepted in the role than Charlie Hunnam, who dropped out almost two weeks ago. Well, everything happens for a reason. We are convinced one of the reasons Jamie will be more widely accepted than Charlie is that there are a gazillion sexy images of him on the Internet, to fuel our Christian Grey fantasies.

Here are 16 things you might like to know about new Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan:

1. He is 31 years old.

2. His birthday is May 1, [1982], which also happens to be the Celtic love and fertility holiday known as ‘Beltane.’

3. He was born in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland. Seriously.

4. He is son of Lorna and James C. Dornan. His father is an obstetrician. His Mom passed away when he was a teen.

5. He has two sisters.

6. Grandparents on both sides of his family were Methodist lay preachers.

7. He has a Hollywood family connection: His grandmother’s first cousin was Actress Greer Garson.

8. He dated actress Keira Knightley from 2003 to 2005

9. He married musician Amelia Warner in April 2013.

10. They are expecting their first child! Very soon!

11. He attended Methodist College in Belfast [rugby and drama were his best topics] and also attended Teesside University.

12. He dropped out of Teesdale to work as a model and train as an actor.

13. As a model he’s been part of high profile ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Dior, and others; and has been intimately entwined with Kate Moss, and Eva Mendez, in photos.

14. As an actor his leading roles to date have been the movie Marie Antoinette, the ABC television series Once Upon A Time, and the BBC series, The Fall.

15. Word has it he will also have to be back shooting another season of The Fall, in 2014.

16. Word ‘leaked’ on October 23 that Jamie Dornan is the chosen one for Christian Grey.

He is in the midst of production now. The movie is slated for release on Valentine’s Day 2015.

Good luck, Jamie! Wishing you the best.

We gathered this reportage from various sources, including Jamie Dornan’s Wikipedia Page which was updated last night. If we have gotten any facts wrong, please let us know gently and we will correct. Laters, Baby.

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