It’s Official: E.L. James Welcomes Jamie Dornan to ‘Team Fifty’

By A. Charlotte Rose

EL James Welcomes Jamie

October 25, 2013 — It’s official. Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey in the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

E.L. James welcomed him on her Twitter page, home to all crucial announcements about Fifty as well as a place she enjoys sharing photos of her food choices.

In between a photo of “Ted” and a comment about a sandwich she was awaiting, she tweeted this:

“Stow your twitchy palms ladies… our man is here. Welcome to #TeamFifty @JamieDornan1 x”

The Queen has spoken. Jamie Dornan is the anointed one. Let us embrace this reality and let him become who he is meant to be, and who we want him to be, without the kind of pressure that happened with Charlie. Please.

Casting has been a tough subject for E.L. James and producers of Fifty Shades. Fans have a lot of opinions about who should be cast, and yet there are so many issues that come into casting an actor. When they finally did cast Charlie Hunnam, he dropped out suddenly two weeks ago.

On first glance on social media, many fans seem to accepting this, or warming up to it easily. While there are still many fans who have their favorite actors in mind, and are vocal about it still, most fans just want to see their movie made.

Let the production begin!

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