How Christian Grey Can Help Your Orgasms

could use another orgasm

By A. C. Rose

Ever wonder about the brain chemistry of sexual desire that is at play in Fifty Shades of Grey?

We are all hormonally driven creatures, and Ana and Christian are no exception. It could be that the Big O in Fifty also represents the hormone oxytocin.

Although oxytocin was often thought of as the bonding hormone between mother and child, it exists in both males and females and has also been found to be a hormone that intensifies in the orgasmic experience. Kerstin Uvnas Moberg, M.D., Ph.D. has studied this hormone extensively.

Ana and Christian are constantly having sex, in all three books in the trilogy. Most mortal women would not be able to tolerate the sheer magnitude of it – not without some injury or occasional infection – but Ana is young, nimble, and eager and Christian is a skilled lover. They work it!

Every sexual encounter culminates in one or more orgasms, for both partners, which means the release of oxytocin for these two is off the charts. Hence, those two are in a constant waterfall of oxytocin.

This could explain, in part, why they fell in love with each other so hard and so quickly—they spent so much of their relationship basking in the embrace of each other and, what is affectionately known as “The cuddle hormone.”

It is understandable that we, the readers, went along for that ride with them! Raise your hand if you felt it was YOU in the red room, or if you strongly identified with and desired the kind of pleasure our Ana was experiencing in the book.

In The Oxytocin Factor Dr. Moberg writes. “Studies of human sexual relations have shown that oxytocin levels rise powerfully in the blood of both males and females, and reach maximum concentration with the release of orgasm. Oxytocin may also stimulate the muscle activity related to orgasm in both men and woman (p. 118).”

Oxytocin is responsible for making people feel calm, relaxed, and even sleepy after intercourse. It has been known to make women want to cuddle after lovemaking, and give both partners the feeling that they cherish remaining close and connected in sexual afterglow.

“With oxytocin pulsating through your bloodstream, it seems that this love with last forever,” Moberg writes. “Often at this point, partners speak of how much they mean to each other (p. 119).”

The risk with oxytocin released with orgasms is that it can enhance emotional bonds even for those who are not sure if they are right for each other. But in the long run, “a sold sexual relationship promotes feelings of increased security and decreased anxiety in the mating partners (p. 120).”

Luckily, Ana and Christian found their way–and humped their way–to an enduring love.

One of the benefits of reading Fifty Shades of Grey is it made us horny. Many women reported jumping on hubby. Just goes to show you that increasing orgasmic pleasures with the one you love can enhance that feeling of cherishing each other, for real, not just in fiction.


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