Victor Rasuk Cast As José Rodriguez in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


By A. Charlotte Rose

Watch out Christian Grey. That other guy who wants to get into Anastasia Steele’s panties is in the house!

Actor Victor Rasuk, 29, is the newest cast member to be added to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie! He will play José Rodriquez, Anastasia Steele’s ‘good friend.’

Rasuk is known for his appearance in How to Make It in America TV series, 2010-2011. He also played Dr. Ryan Sanchez in six episodes of ER, during 2008-2009. He has done a number of movies and appears, also in 2014, in Godzilla.

His big break came playing skateboard pioneer Tony Alva in The Lords of Dogtown.

José, of course, is a continuous source of irritation to uber-possessive Mr. Grey, because Christian knows he wants Ana, even if she is in denial about it–and even though she has no romantic interest in José.

It was José’s ill-fated attempted kiss, while Ana was out drinking with José and Kate, that led to the relationship with Christian. Christian showed up just as José was trying to steal a kiss from Miss Steele. Do you remember what happened immediately after that?

It will be fun to see Jamie Dornan and Victor Rasuk man up against each other!

As mentioned, he is 29, but he definately looks young enough to play José, who is 20 or 21 (he’s a year behind Ana, who is 21) when we first meet him.

Find out more about Victor Rasuk on his IMDb page.

What do you think of our José?

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