Favorite Reads: ‘Love Unscripted’ and ‘Love Unrehearsed’ by Tina Reber


By A. Charlotte Rose

I completely fell in love with Ryan Christensen–the hot actor who is the hero of the extremely well-written “Love Series” by Tina Reber. And loved his beloved, Taryn Mitchell. You will too!

Poor Taryn has to deal with a lot of crazy fans and relentless paparazzi, but Reber tells a great love story – the kind we all have fantasized about, where the hot actor falls for the hometown gal he cannot resist – and she does it without even using a lot of sex to reel us in. When they do haves sex, it is hot!

So much of this book comes alive in the sexual tension, the longing, the missing each other, and the deep bonding between the characters, and the way they face the many challenges they must overcome. And it also has many well-developed characters who are friends to this couple.

Ryan and Taryn of course have a million obstacles to get out-of-the-way before they can really be together – crazed fans, jealous actresses, scheming co-stars, misunderstandings with cops, Hollywood hangers-on and handlers, stardom, health issues, and assorted tragedies. Mega-stardom aside, Ryan is like a regular guy who just wants to be an actor, not one of those heroes with a tortured soul.

These books are good to the last drop. More are in the works.

Here’s the reading order:

Love Unscripted
Love Unrehearsed

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