Don’t You Just Love Sexy, Beautiful, Shirtless Men?

favorite day dream

If you share an appreciation for hot men without their shirts on, please visit the A. Charlotte Rose Pinterest page.

We are so grateful for these handsome men, willing to take their shirts off, for our viewing pleasure.

They give us inspiration for characters in romance novels, and fuel our fantasies.

Leave yourself enough time to meditate (oogle) and enjoy.

Just click here:

One thought on “Don’t You Just Love Sexy, Beautiful, Shirtless Men?

  1. I know this is an older post but as a novice cover model myself I just wanted to say I appreciate positive comments and public attention about us male models, and it’s nice to see you and other authors promoting your favorite models. I recently started out as a model myself so I’m not known at all and haven’t really ended up on a cover yet but the aim is to do so for a friend of mine who’s trying to launch her her book in my country sometime this year.

    Without her encouragment and friendly comments about my potential I’d probably never have contemplated modeling at all. But she planted the seed, and after further consideration I decided to give it a go. So thanks to her I may have a very welcome extra income by the end of this year, provided I meet the fitness requirement.

    So, without being able to speak for all male models, know that some of us reciprocate that gratification. Without people like you and my friend, there wouldn’t be any opportunities for modeling either.

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