Tantric Sex and G-Spot Orgasms

Stephanie Kerns

By A. C. Rose

Erotic romance books may inspire the urge to merge, but ever feel that your actual love life does not quite measured up to the rockets and rainbows, fireworks and shooting stars, of romantic fantasies? You are not alone!

Kinky sex aside, there is another kind of loving that can increase your connection to your honey and your orgasmic pleasure in real life. It’s called “tantric sex.”

The basic premise of the ancient art of tantric sexuality is that couples who practice tantra together share a deeper ability to communicate, a spiritual connection, and an extraordinary expression of erotic love. And here’s the fun part: Tantra is devoted to honoring the female. Although both partners share in loving exploration of sexual pleasures, pleasure for women is one of the primary aims of this kind of sexual play.

Tantric Sex for modern women and men was brought into the twentieth century in The Art of Conscious Loving Seminars taught by Charles Muir and his ex-wife Caroline Muir. Charles is still teaching around the world.

So What Exactly is Tantric Sex?
The word tantra, in Sanskrit, means “expansion.” Relics of tantric rituals date back nearly five millennium. Hindu practitioners of tantric yoga practiced and taught sexual play and sexual union early on in life, yet sex was just one of 65 arts. The other 64 included traditions such as singing, writing and drawing, tattooing, making beds and spreading out carpets and cushions for reclining, and the study of sentences difficult to pronounce.

They also had unusual names for sex organs, which are still used today. For instance, a “lingam” means penis and “yoni” is vagina. And tantric lovers don’t use the word penetrate, rather, they enter. “Permission’ is also a key word and concept.

Seek Your G-Spot and Ye Shall Find
The G spot has long been heralded as the elusive female love spot that truly can send you to new heights of passion. But it’s not a modern day discovery — the ancient teaching of tantric love and sex have been aware of this female pleasure spot for milleniums. They call it the “Sacred Spot.”

For women, one of the first hurdle to jump is not just finding their G-spot, but believing it actually exists! A fair percentage of women and physicians will still say does not exist — but it does, trust me! Others just have a hard time feeling it. To help women access the treasure of pleasure and healing available in that area of the body, Muir teaches sacred spot massage.

It is believed that the sacred spot functions in the genitals similarly to the way the subconscious mind functions in the head — it is the keeper of all your sexual records, your pleasure, your pain, your grief. Memories of old broken hearts, broken hymens, sexual abuse, surgery and health issues, and poor sexual experiences are stored in the spongy area that rest right behind the pubic bone. The sacred spot—which is literally the size of a pea—is located in the upper wall of the vagina. When stimulated, in conjunction or separately from the clitoris, it arouses the female and she is capable of multiple orgasms and that mysterious, most coveted, controversial female ejaculation—known as “amrita” or “divine nectar.”

Graduating to G Spot Orgasms
Sexual desire and response evolve with time, as you learn more about what you like, and your partner, if you have a steady one, figures out more ways to please you. Discovering tantra, or any new practice, is about changing, growing and being exposed to new things. It doesn’t mean what you did before was bad — it’s learning a new skill that will bring pleasure to both you and your sweetheart. To master G-spot orgasms you have to give yourself time to learn and practice.

A G-spot orgasm has some of the same qualities of a clitoral orgasm — the building of excitement, the spreading of tingly feelings, the sense of urgency — yet it grows above and beyond anything previously experienced and expected. Not only does the explosion of pleasure feel like its shooting up toward your throat and moving sideways into the reproductive organs, it also is felt in the thighs and breasts. Most of all, it gives women a great sense of opening up and becoming more expansive!

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