Favorite Reads: ‘The Sinners on Tour’ Series by Olivia Cunning


By A. Charlotte Rose

This series is super hot!

I thought I was over my rocker phase in my twenties, but the Olivia Cunning series about the love lives of five members of a (fictional) famous rock band, known as The Sinners, zapped me back into the world where men on stage are a huge turn-on. And where musicians are so romantic–and hot!

In her five book “Sinners” series, each books follows one member of the band through the joys and conflicts of finding love and falling in love. In the process, they have a lot of sex. A lot.

So many readers have become huge fans of the members of this tight band of sexy musicians. In fact, let me introduce you, because when you read the books you will have to figure out which one you love most! They are: Brian Sinclair, lead Guitarist and composer; Sedric Lionheart, lead vocalist and lyrics composer; Jace Seymour, bass guitarist; Eric Sticks, drummer and composer; Trey Mills, rhythm guitarist and background vocalist.

After reading the first book, Backstage Pass, where Brian finds love and his muse in sex ed college professor Myrna, I was hooked.

Each book focuses on one of the musicians, but all the characters reappear in each book and you really fall in love with all of them and enjoy bumping into them from book to book.

Much of the story of their sexual adventures, personal mayhem, and ensuing triumphs take place on the tour bus. There, all the guys take turns using the bedroom on board, where everyone can hear everything that is going on in the bedroom and berths. Do rock stars really have such loud sex and do they really do in front of each other?

There is an energy of crazy rocker orgies to it, and there are lots of groupies around, yet each of these gorgeous, famous men–who can have anyone choose–settle down with that one special women. One by one, the members of The Sinners fall crazy in love, and together they grow their extended family.

When the series first began publishing, there was a crazy fan reaction when the publisher released them out of order, releasing book five, Double Time, right after book 2, Rock Hard. It was a little confusing at the time, but now ALL books in the series are published, so you can read them in order.

Here’s the reading order:

Backstage Pass (Brian)
Rock Hard (Sed)
Hot Ticket (Jace)
Wicked Beat (Eric)
Double Time (Trey)

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