Favorite Reads: ‘The Bad Boys Series’ By M. Leighton


By A. Charlotte Rose

The first book in this series, Down to You, was one of the most compelling and sexiest novels to surface after Fifty Shades. Sigh.

It features beautiful, hardworking heroine, Olivia, her bitchy and wealthy cousin, Marissa, and the hottest twins ever– Cash and Nash. Loved the writing and the way the author alternated between points of view.

In the first book, Cash is the bad boy and Nash is the upstanding citizen, until family secrets are revealed to rock our world. You will flip-flop back and forth about which twin you love more but eventually will join “Team Nash” or “Team Cash.”

In the first book is some of the best sexual tension ever as Olivia struggles with her attraction. OMG.

The whole series contains scorching hot sex scenes and M. Leighton weaves a tale of intrigue, action, and family dynamics that keep you reading. The characters are really smart, too!

The reading order is:

Down To You

Up To Me

Everything for Us

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