‘Fifty Shades’ Producer Dana Brunetti Discusses Casting Challenges with Collider.com

Dana Brunetti

Fifty Shades of Grey producer Dana Brunetti discussed casting difficulties in an interview with Collider.com.

Here are some excerpts:

You can’t please all of the people, all of the time. “No matter who we cast, people were gonna be angry about it. And then we obviously had the one that we cast that ultimately didn’t work out. We have to meet the ideas of the fans to an extent and make them happy—although you’re not gonna make them happy because they’re thinking of somebody else in their mind.”

Unknown actors will help fans all get to know Christian and Ana together. And I always thought it would be better if we went with somebody unknown so then everyone can discover them together, that’s where I really think we are now with Jamie and Dakota.”

You can’t always get the actors who are your first choice. “You have to get actors that really want to do it as well, and that was a really difficult process because a lot of them didn’t want to do it just because of what they either thought that it would require or what it will require, or what it will make them into; it’s gonna make them into huge stars but known [for] a certain thing. So some actors might not be able to break out of that in their career when they wanna do other projects either in between the productions of the [Fifty Shades] films or beyond the films.”

Read the full article: Producer Dana Brunetti Talks FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, the Difficult Casting Process, the Film’s Rating, and More.

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