The Love Story that is ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


By A. Charlotte Rose

Many women say that when they read Fifty Shades of Grey it’s easy to get caught up in the sexy and stormy storyline about the love affair between protagonists Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

In the books, he’s described as a gorgeous, fit, sexy, generous, multi-talented, billionaire who could easily defined as a perfect man-except for a deep dark secret (he’s into BDSM) and a difficult childhood that left him damaged. She is an attractive, shy, unworldly virgin who works part time in a hardware store, and does not think she is beautiful or special, but of course, she is both.

Anastasia, 21, meets Christian, 27, while interviewing him for her school paper just before she is about to graduate from college. She is still an innocent. He seems distant and arrogant. She is clumsy and shy (she literally falls into his office and has to be assisted by Mr. Grey to stand up), yet, from the moment their hands touch, electricity happens and you know, by page 8, that something special is afoot. Thus begins the attraction that leads to the love story that takes us through three books in the trilogy and compels us to follow the roller coaster of love that is the stormy yet deeply passionate and profoundly loving relationship between Christian and Ana.

They were drawn to each other from the first moment, however, what Christian first proposes to Ana was a rather shocking “exchange relationship” in which he would take care of her financially, supply her with all the comforts of life, and look after her in all ways but he would be her dominant and, she, his submissive. There was NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) as well as an extensive business contract to sign. It was to be a purely sexual arrangement and in exchange Ana was to allow him to do whatever he pleased-within the clear contractual boundaries he described as hard limits and soft limits.

Ana was open-minded but she wanted “more”-essentially a real, regular relationship where they would be there for each other as romantic partners. They spent a good deal of time negotiating their agreement only to discard to as they find their way toward true affection, romance, love, and what many readers agree was extremely satisfying sex!

The story portrays a worldly yet damaged man who is deeply involved in kinky, unloving sex and a kind, virginal woman who has no sexual experience and craves love. It looks at how those two people overcome that inherent problem, as well as many internal and external conflicts and roadblocks in their relationship.

While women worldwide seem to be enjoying the sex in the trilogy, many say the most moving part is the love story – and how their attraction and trust for one another built over time.

Ultimately, in true romance book fashion, by the third book in the trilogy, we come to a perfect ending where everyone lives happily ever after.

Photo reprinted from Entertainment Weekly.

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