Favorite Reads: Kellan Kyle and the Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens


By A. Charlotte Rose

Kellan Kyle.

He was one of the first leading man to get my attention after my post Fifty Shades Christian Grey hangover.

Hot. Hot. Hot. He is a local rocker and rising star of the amazing S.C. Stephens Series that began with Thoughtless and Effortless and culminated with Reckless.

Kellan is the boyfriend everyone wants in college. He is gorgeous, great in bed, and the lead singer of the D-Bags, a band you become very fond of as your follow them through each story.

Every woman wants him and, well, apparently every woman has had him. He is on the slutty side, and this presents a lot of conflicts when he hooks up with the prudish Kiera Allen, who thinks he is being too sexual on stage, let alone his personal behavior.

When she meets him it is with her boyfriend Denny, who is also they kind of boyfriend girls want. He is an old family friend and Kiera and Denny move in to Kellan’s home as roommates. Denny gets called to an out-of-town work opportunity and Kellan kind of looks out for her, but in the process, he starts falling for her.

SPOILER ALERT: Denny gets a longer term offer on the job that’s already taken him away, and strands Kiera in the house with Kellan. She is in college, and has scholarships, and really can’t go anywhere. When Denny stupidly tells her he will be gone for another long period of time, she finally gives in to her desire.

As much as I adored this hot rocker, I was in a state of agitation while reading this book. The love triangle was maddening. Wanted to yell at the heroine, Kiera Allen, because her wishy-washy behavior was making me insane.

This meant, of course, I could not put the books down. I read while walking in the street, as I headed for appointments, while shopping, and any chance I got.

Could. Not. Stop. Reading.

I was hijacked by this love triangle between Kellan, Kiera, and her boyfriend, Denny, and was really worried about how it would all turn out.

Kellan Kyle was amazing, even when he was at his worst. And he was lovable, even when he was being bad. Yes, a loveable bad boy — but not really, because he had a heart of gold. Oh, and did I say he was drop dead gorgeous and everyone wanted him. Yeah, that too.

These books are page turners and they inspire a lot of heartbreak and angst. But book two (Effortless) has the happiest ending ever – so good that I could not bring myself to be tortured by book three yet. But I will.

Here’s the reading order:


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