Fifty Shades Producers: There Will Be TWO Versions of the Movie

vanilla and chocolate

By A. Charlotte Rose

Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie, will be available in two flavors, according Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, an official fan page for the books.

Sounds like one version will be a little more vanilla and the other, chocolate sundae with rocky road and a cherry on top!

‘What we’re kind of hearing from the fans is they want it dirty… they want it as close as possible [to the book],’ said producer Dana Brunetti, who says he has been listening to the demands of the book’s female followers on Twitter.

And we all know that the books are very explicit as they take us into the bedroom, the Red Room, the Audi, the boat, and Ana’s apartment for super hot sex, good loving, and lots of BDSM activities that range from restraints, spankings, and butt plugs… to other sexy moments that include oral sex, shower sex, masturbation, and more.

Apparently we liked reading those things because the reading public bought about 90,000 copies of the book and kept it on the best seller list forever.

The idea is the first version of the film will be a tad more vanilla, getting an R rating. It will be accessible in America to anyone 17 and over.

The more explicit version could get an NC-17 rating, which reportedly is reserved for films depicting rape or drug use. They used to call it an “X” rating. And we all know that Fifty is Triple XXX in some parts!

Brunetti was quoted in Mail Online as saying: “Everybody could go and enjoy the R version, and then if they really wanted to see it again and get a little bit more gritty with it then have that NC-17 version out there as well. That is my idea, but the fans and the studio [Universal Pictures] will benefit from the double dip…”

What of you think of this idea for two scoops of Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie?

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