Dylan Neal Cast As Anastasia Steele’s Step Dad in Fifty Shades


By A. Charlotte Rose

I almost forgot about Bob, but casting directors did not. Busy Actor Dylan Neal has been cast as Anastasia Steele’s step father Bob.

Bob, if you recall, is currently married to Ana’s mom, Carla May Wilks, who will be portrayed by Jennifer Ehle.

E News! is reporting that he heads to Vancouver to shoot this week.

He is not to be confused with Ray Steele, Carla’s second husband, and the man that Ana calls Dad.

Dylan has a very handsome and recognizable face. He’s been portraying Dr. Anthony Ivo on the hit TV show Arrow and also appears opposite Andie MacDowell in the television series Cedar Cove. (Photo above).

He’s been in some of the following American TV series:

* The Bold and the Beautiful
* Aaron Spelling’s ‘Pacific Palisades’
* Dawson’s Creek
* Sabrina the Teenage Witch

You can read his bio here.

See his acting credits in his IMDb page.

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