Funeral Arrangements for Paul Walker Still In the Works


Many fans have been searching for information on Paul Walkers funeral. Sadly, because of the state of his body and his colleague and friend Roger Rodas, funerals have been delayed.

Fans have made a makeshift shrine for mourning at the site of the crash. They continue to pour in to the site to pay respects.

Fast and the Furious co-stars Van Diesel and Tyrese Gibson have both been spotted at the site to grieve, according to Christian Today.

E News! is reporting that Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson is helping Paul’s father with arrangements.

They also reported that Tyrese received a call from well-known pastor and author, T.D. Jakes, to offer comfort through this difficult time. On Facebook, Tyrese shareds a reworded a passage that Pastor Jakes read at a funeral:

“In moments like this, it feels like death has won. But the bible says that love is stronger than death…I want you to understand in a very practical and pragmatic way that death has NOT won.”

“Your tears may flow. Your pain may come. The flowers will wither. The cards will all be filed away. The phone will stop ringing. You’ll be driving down the street one day and you’ll hear Paul’s voice talking in your head. Something he said or something he did will pop up in your spirit and you’ll giggle inside of yourself as if he were sitting in the car with you. And you will find that people you really love, they may leave you outwardly, but they never leave you inwardly…Love will last forever, for God is love.”

Paul Walker was born into the Mormon faith but there have been reports that said he was no longer a follower of the Church of Latter Day Saints at the time of his passing.

We do not know which religion customs will be followed for Paul’s funeral, but here is some information on what a Mormon funeral is like.

Here is the Mormon view on death and the afterlife, as it is described on the official website of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

“Death is not the end. Death is really a beginning—another step forward in Heavenly Father’s plan for His children. Someday, like everyone else, your physical body will die. But your spirit does not die, it goes to the spirit world, where you will continue to learn and progress and may be with loved ones who have passed on.”

“Death is a necessary step in your progression, just as your birth was. Sometime after your death, your spirit and your body will be reunited—never to be separated again. This is called resurrection, and it was made possible by the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ (see 1 Corinthians 15:20-22).”

Obviously his family will select the most appropriate way to bless and remember him within their own spiritual customs.

Our prayers remain with Paul and his friend Roger Rodas, and their families.

Here is breaking information on cause of death.

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