Favorite Reads: ‘Big Girls Do It’ Series by Jasinda Wilder


By A. Charlotte Rose

Jasinda Wilder brings sexy back for women of a certain size in her bestselling Big Girls series.

She shows that you can love cupcakes, be a size 18, and still have a hot rocker like Chase Delany pursue you with a passion.

The celebration of sexuality and romance for ladies who have a little more to love is a breakthrough in the romance genre, where so many heroines tend to be size two and easy for the hero to lift with one arm. But Jasinda’s character, Anna, does just fine in the giving and receiving of hot love.

The series also brings Anna to a crazy fork in her romantic road when it turns out that not just one, but two men want her. She has to choose. You may be shocked by her choice but the story of how Anna comes to define and choose true love is inspiring.

The series starts with hot sex, and it leads to hot love, with hot sex, and a family to follow. Jasinda, by the way, is mom of five and her handsome hubby is bestselling author of The Missionary, Jack Wilder. They have produced many books since this series!

The reading order is:

Big Girls Do It Better

Big Girls Do It Wetter

Big Girls Do It Wilder

Big Girls Do It On Top

The first four books (above) in the Big Girls Do It series are currently available as a boxed set for free on Amazon.

Big Girls Do It Married

Big Girls Do It Pregnant

Also available for free on Amazon is, Big Girls Do It On Christmas.

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