Do You Think Christian Grey is Circumcised?

Ok, this is a really hard post to write, because it is about Jamie Dornan’s penis.

I am sure it is a lovely penis, but wonder if fans will feel it is the penis of Christian Grey.

Look, they have gone over every other part of his body with a microscopic lens–hair, eyes, chest, beard, clean shaven chin, chest, butt, etc–so I do not think I am that far off to think that fans might also be, um, interested, in his penis as well. After-all, Christian did tell Ana that it was, in fact, a very important asset.

There is a lot of talk about Jamie Dornan going full frontal nude in Fifty Shades of Grey. To that, we say yay!

And by all rights, he should be naked. Completely. And a lot. Christian was butt naked often in the books. Dakota Johnson signed up for full nudity and viewers will want equal time for the male lead of Fifty Shades of Grey.

There are supposedly two version of the film being made, one that has less explicit stuff and one version that will be more of an uncut, NC-17 version.

Um, there is a question of something else that might be uncut.

There is a naked photo of Jamie Dornan floating around the internet. We are not going to post is, or link, because that seems so rude. Yet, it seems to be a photo he posed for and was aware of. And in the photo, we noticed that his penis looks, well, uncircumcised.

Could be the camera angle. Could be photo shop. Maybe it’s not really his organ. Who knows.

It just begs the question: Do readers imagine that Christian Grey is circumcised or uncircumcised, and does it matter anyway. It is common for men of all faiths to be circumcised before leaving the hospital in America; certainly common for a man in Christian Grey’s age range of 27. It is not as common a practice in Europe. Then again, Christian had a wacked out mother and maybe it never happened.

Jamie is hot man, and a good actor, and we believe he will rock the part of Christian Grey. But will this little issue be another bone of contention for fans?

We don’t mean to be offensive at all but this a role under scrutiny and this is an organ that carries a lot of interest for fans due to the nature of the book.

And it’s not like Jamie has been shy about showing his body. He is practically naked in many photos on the internet, in addition to those he is actually naked in. In fact he has been quoted as saying nudity is very comfortable for him.

For anyone who needs information on the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penis, check here.

In the spectrum of things, the world has much bigger things to worry about, and we are sure that Jamie will make the scenes so hot that women around the world will fantasize about that part of his body.

But we realize this is a question that we never really knew the answer to:

Do you think Christian Grey is circumcised?

10 thoughts on “Do You Think Christian Grey is Circumcised?

  1. Since E L James is an intact activist in his own life, it is likely that Christian Grey is intended intact as well. Most American women don’t have a clue what an uncut penis looks like though, so they probably would assume cut.

  2. Since Christian was American, yes he should be circumcised. Maybe this is an overlooked detail by Mrs. James. Jamie Dornan is hot, but an uncircumcised penis is not. JMO

  3. If we’re talking about thee Christrian Grey (fictional character), there is a good chance he is NOT. His drug-addled whore of a mother probably did the bare minimum birthing the poor boy. Actually, I don’t understand the debate about uncircumcised penises. Who really cares? I don’t! A nice, big penis is great whether cut or not, black or white.

  4. I always pictured Christian as being uncircumcised, though I feel like I’m one of the only ones. My reasons for thinking that way are, first of all, that his birth mother was obviously neglectful and probably didn’t get the procedure done on him. Secondly, E L James is British and I know that in Britain, they don’t circumcise NEARLY as much as in North America, so I kinda figured that when she had the picture of Christian in her mind, she imagined him as being uncircumcised. Either way Jamie is a perfect Christian, uncut or not. 😉

  5. I actually find this to be the funniest thing about this whole phenomena. I think it is hilarious that so many American women think the uncut penis is “icky,” and Jamie’s is uncut.
    Um, most of the world does not cut its little boys foreskin off, Jamie is, in fact, normal. And sex with an intact male is worlds more like nature intended it.
    Good job on the casting says I!

  6. Come on guys and gals! Circumcision WAS prevalent in the USA until the late 1970’s. In fact, 80% of boys were “mutilated” at that stage. This status changed to 50% for boys born in the 1980’s and circumcision rates have now dropped drastically in the 2000’s (Google it). Besides in the USA, Middle East, some African coutlines and all Islamic countries, circumcision is rare. In fact, more than 80% of all men in the world are intact. If Christian Grey is American and was born in the 80’s, chances are his intactness is 50/50. The comments here that his mother was a scum-bag and thus likely did not have his penis mutilated, are sad. This infers that more than 80% of the world’s mothers are scum bags because they choose not to mutilate their sons’ penises. That being said, a penis is a penis whether it’s in its original state or been snipped a bit. Get used to it! Circumcision rates are falling, even in the USA.

  7. I sure hope not.
    By the way, the younger men are, the less likely they will be circumcised. It was discovered very long ago in Europe that circumcision was actually very harmful and completely unnecessary, and the USA began to follow this idea much later. They recently took a very misguided step backwards to say it’s beneficial, but that will soon be corrected, as the rest of the developed world does not agree.
    Less than 30% of men world wide are circumcised. The only other developed nations that circumcise are Israel and South Korea. The rest do not, and men live their whole lives with their whole penis… and the women don’t even consider whether or not the man is circumcised, they know, understand and appreciate a WHOLE penis.

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