First Movie Still From ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Film


Some fans are disappointed it will take one year to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movies, but others are happy for every little glimpse we are getting into the film adaption of the beloved book.

Yesterday, for Valentine’s Day, producers released the first formal movie still on the official Facebook page for the movie.

It’s carried the promise:
One year.
Valentine’s Day 2015.

The still shows Ana setting her eye’s on Christian. She’s in a trench coat, looks like a black dress but could be wine, and heels and stockings. She has a folder or envelope in hand. Looks like “the contract.” It looks like they are in his office. Perhaps they moved the contract discussion from the hotel to the restaurant for the movie? She looks very pretty and her hair looks A LOT darker than it has in some of the shots we have seen from the set.

Sigh. Getting closer.

We’ve been covering this unfolding story since April 2012 and we look forward to bringing you the latest Fifty News as it unfolds!

Are you getting excited about the movie?

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