Will Christian Grey Bear Be Ready to Cuddle With You?


The company that has been bringing sweet teddy bears to your kids, and providing some furry fun for adults, is out of their Christian Grey teddy bear. Darn!

There is a photo floating around of a teddy bear in suit, wearing a gray tie, holding handcuffs and mask, who is looking like a teddy… with Fifty Shades-like apparatus.

I don’t see it anywhere on the Vermont Teddy Bear Company site, but other media are reporting mixed messages: That the bear, which retails for $89.99, is currently out of stock. And that it just started selling.

Fans are going to scream, “I want one!!!” They will be disappointed to know that the kinky bear may not be back in stock until we get closer to the movie.

Another Fifty Shades thing to wait out.

As for not being able to find the teddy bear in question on the Vermont Teddy site: Maybe it was yanked off the site after Valentine’s Day, or taken down because of licensing issues?

Here’s the other problem: The bear in the photo provided has blue eyes.

Oops, maybe they have to make one with steely gray eyes.

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