Will We See A New Book from E.L. James Soon?

By A. Charlotte Rose

Now that filming of Fifty Shades of Grey movie has wrapped, fans are wondering if E. L. James will have more time to work on a new book?

Although she does not give many interviews these days, and she is very shy about revealing what she is working on, she has hinted or told media that we have not seen the last from her as a far as the publishing world goes.

The author told Entertainment Weekly last November, “I’ve written another book.” But she declined to say what it was or when it will be published.

Her priority in recent times was, of course, her work as one of the producers for the film adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey. She was on the set regularly and unlike most authors of the original book had a lot of say in casting and the development of the script, characters, and the way the story was told on-screen. She was away from home for months working on the movie.

Although she had admitted to EW that it was a sometimes terrifying experience, the producers and director and cast seemed to work brilliantly together. There were only reports of calm and cooperation on the set.

E.L. James tends to be a little shy, and coy, about revealing what she will next. At one point she hinted that she may do another Fifty book. She has even said she may do so her next book under a pseudonym.

Although fans are anxious for a Fifty Shades of Grey Book Four, from Christians perspective, E.L. has also been quoted as saying that there are “other romance stories” she may want to write.

Since she already has let us know that the business if being so famous and having so many expectations on your is scary, and since a book after Fifty Shades of Grey is a huge act to follow, we can only imagine that E.L. James will want to make sure she does it right, and in the right timing.

We have to remember: We really have E.L. James to thank for opening the door to so many other new authors to follow their dreams and publish new books in the erotic romance genre that have brought Fifty Shades fans so much pleasure.

With so many fans hungering for a new book, the pressure is on. Will this be a waiting game? Or will we soon have a lovely surprise of a new book from the women who brought us Christian Grey?

Right now we can only hope to see a new book from E.L. James, soon.

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