Editorial: Six Sexy Predictions About Jamie Dornan


By. A. Charlotte Rose

Now that the Fifty Shade of Grey film shoot has wrapped, the stars and producers can head home for a little rest and rejuvenation.

Jamie Dornan is a hard-working dude and while he will get a little time to rejuvenate with his wife and infant daughter, he will also be growing his beard back and getting ready for the second season of The Fall. He will switch from Christian Grey mode to his role as a serial killer.

Keep in mind, he went from the Fall and other projects, straight into Fifty Shades on December 2, after a whirlwind hiring, when Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the movie.

Not only did he have to shave his beloved facial hair and switch character gears to jump into Fifty, his wife was very-pregnant and gave birth sometime in late November or December.

So he became a new dad, just as he was tying Dakota Johnson to the bed posts in the Red Room.

And We think his wife and babe were with him, in Vancouver. It must have been wonderful, and intense, to become a first time father and a suddenly really famous movie star in a short amount of time.

We predict a few things about Jamie Dornan.

1. He is going surprise people and win them over in a big way. Every day, as the movie shoot progressed, he stepped more deeply into the character of Christian Grey. Photos from the set showed he was owning it. We believe that while he may not have been “the one” we imagined, he will become the one we see as Mr. Grey.

2. He will remain humble. Even thought his life is about to change even more dramatically, he will stay true to himself and not go Hollywood.

3. He will also be shocked at how many women are lusting after him, and the intensity of being the subject of such female desire and fantasy. He has no idea how famous he is, because he has been busy working and filming, and he doesn’t follow social media. But his street cred has gone up daily as we have seen the photos… and that look… and they way he holds or holds on to Ana.

4. Not everyone will buy into the fantasy, but we think that enough people will that he will in fact be Christian Grey in our eyes and to anyone who reads the book when the movie is out.

5. We will look back on the journey and casting craziness some day and find it hard to believe we made such a fuss–because he seems perfect!

6. People who swore they would not go to the movie because they don’t approve of the actor will go anyway. And they too will be seduced by the fantasy that he represents.

Can’t wait for the movie!

2 thoughts on “Editorial: Six Sexy Predictions About Jamie Dornan

  1. While I read all three books in rapid fire, and I had my own visual impression of Christian and Anastasia, I don’t relate to the negativity from so many fans about Jamie Dornan being selected to play Christian. Curious, I researched him, watched several clips of The Fall, Marie Antoinette, and his latest role in the film, Flying Home, and, of course the sneak preview clips of Fifty Shades. In my opinion, he IS Christian Grey. He has that mysterious intensity that’s Christian. He’s very handsome–beautiful eyes that dance and sparkle and are so expressive. Even his hair is as E. L. James describes! And of course, he has a body that makes me want to bite my lip! I’m not sure he can really comprehend how explosive things are going to get for him. Fame is a two-edged sword. I hope he’s a strong man and holds on to his ideals and can separate himself from the limelight to keep his sanity. He’s a very talented actor and I wish him much success!

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