Jamie Dornan Interview on the Set of ‘Flying Home’

This video is of Jamie Dornan, director Dominique Deruddere, and the cast of his forthcoming movie, Flying Home.

Jamie explains the unusual plot involving his power broker character trying to get a prized pigeon for a rich shiek.

Of course, he falls in love along the way.

Okay, most of this is not in the English language, but it contains a great interview with Jamie Dornan, speaking in his natural voice.

The director, and other actors, are speaking in Dutch because it is a Belgium-made movie.

FLYING HOME is a romantic film by Dominique Deruddere… about a boy, a girl, and a very valuable pigeon. It is due to come out April 3, 2014.

This is his first movie, starring as the romantic leading man, and it was obviously shot before Fifty Shades of Grey.

Producers of Flying Home are probably happy they selected Jamie Dornan for the lead and now will likely has a hit on their hands because at this point, we know fans will want to see Jamie in anything he does.


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