Video: Elizabeth Banks and Colin Egglesfield in ‘Just A Little Heart Attack’

Elizabeth Banks, Colin Egglesfield, Jacob Hopkins, and Abigail Zoe Lewis star in this serious-but-humorous video called “Just A Little Heart Attack.”

It was directed by Elizabeth Bank in 2011 but it is STILL important and worth seeing.

Special perk: Colin Egglesfield plays the husband who plays doctor. He was one of the names and faces affiliated with the big Fifty Shades of Grey fan-casting phenomenon of last year.


Video: Jamie Dornan Offer Gracious Acceptance Speech for Broadcasting Press Guild Award

Jamie Dornan took away an award from the 40th Broadcasting Press Guild Awards in the UK. He was unable to be there and filmed this acceptance speech.

He won the BPG breakthrough award, for someone who attained a new level of success in 2013.

Although we all know him as Mr. Christian Grey, and as star of Fifty Shades of Grey, he won this for his performance in The Fall on BBC Two.

In his speech he said he typically needs no excuse to have a drink in the afternoon, so he was sorry he could not be there at the award ceremony because he was shooting The Fall.

He also said “The Fall is the best thing that even happened to me.”

If definitely showed his acting chopped for Fifty Shades of Grey producers, as well.

Thanks to our friends at Fifty Shades of Jamie Dornan for sharing this link.

Men Are Posting Photos of Penises In Socks for Cancer Awareness

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By A. Charlotte Rose

Buzzfeed and many other sites reported on a really cool trend this week.

Men are taking pictures of their penises in socks and posting them on the internet with the hashtag #cockinasock to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Men of all sizes (sock sizes, that is!), shapes, shades, and sexual persuasions are whipping out their sex organs and stashing them in socks.

They are taking selfies, they are getting a helping photo assist from friends and lovers, and they are posing in groups. Groups of naked men… with socks dangling from their privates. And some of the socks are very long!

Some of these guys are very hot. And sincere. I mean, they wouldn’t just expose themselves if it weren’t for a good cause, right?

The reason behind the social media phenomenon is to inspire men to have a cancer screening check-up, and or, to inspire their lovers to remind them.

See A LOT of penises in socks photos here

HERE IS A NEW LINK: The Best of Cock-in-a-Sock Photos from The Daily Grind.

NEW: Hot Tattoo Guy and others in The Hollywood Gossip.

This enthusiastic participation of naked men was apparently inspired by last weeks breast cancer awareness “no make-up selfie” trend, where women were taking self-photographs without their makeup. In honor of testicular cancer awareness month, men are taking photos without their pants. It’s only fair.

The trend started on Instagram, but the photo sharing site reportedly blocked the tag #cockinasock and deleted the photos, but restored them later in the day. As Buzzfeed explained: “Apparently Instagram has unblocked the #cockinasock hashtag AKA more proof that God is real and a gay man or a straight woman. Amen.”

Fast Company explained the trend this way: “Finally, there’s a socially acceptable reason for men to take pictures of their penises and post them to the Internet: The latest trend on Instagram and Twitter is #cockinasock, and it’s intended to raise awareness for testicular cancer. As the name implies, guys hang a sock from their nether regions, post the pic online, and add the hashtag in hopes that someone will be inspired to go to the doctor for a checkup.”

There is still a Facebook and Twitter page that are both added to daily.

God bless the men who have bravely exposed their private parts in the name of cancer awareness.

What Was In the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Teaser at Cinemacon in Las Vegas


Here’s what we know about the first look video of Fifty Shades of Grey shown yesterday to attendees and press at Cinemacon in Las Vegas.

The presentation was part of the Universal Studios Presentation by Universal Chair Donna Langley at CinemaCon 2014: The State Of The Industry: Past, Present And Future. It was held in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace.

It included the iconic parts of the book but wan not too sexy.

Variety reported that Universal saved the the first footage of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” as the last part of their presentation yesterday and that studio chair Donna Langley said would be the “next iconic screen romance.” Reporter Alexandra Cheney also said “they played it safe” and did not show the hottest, BDSM moments of the film and instead focused on the romance.

Variety said: “The now well-known elevator exchange between Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) made it into the first look, as did lot of PG kissing and a sneak peek into the red room.”

It was the first time anyone outside the studio had viewed footage.

Deadline reported: “According to the studio’s Donna Langley, this was the first time anyone has viewed any of it outside of the Universal hierarchy. It was a good teaser but stopped shy of showing any of the really hot stuff.”

It shows the romance between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Entertainment Weekly reported: “The clip showcased the burgeoning romance, filling the screen with some of the iconic moments fans of the book will remember, like the first introduction in his office: Anastasia nervous and earnest; Grey, handsome and aloof. Grey’s surprise appearance at the hardware store and his helicopter also make an appearance. Plus audiences were given a sense of the Grey psyche with Dornan uttering, ‘Hearts and flowers: That’s not who I am.'”

Beyoncé’s song, “Haunted,” was the background music on the teaser footage.

Hear the whole song and see the full bizarre and hot “Haunted” official video here.

Above, poster is moved through conference lobby.

Video: Beyonce’s ‘Haunted’ Used In Official ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Teaser at CinemaCon

Beyoncé’s song, “Haunted,” was the background music on the teaser footage of Fifty Shades that was shown at CinemaCon yesteday.

Hear the whole song and see the full bizarre and hot “Haunted” official video here.

The first official preview reel of snippets of Fifty Shades was presented by Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley.

Entertainment Weekly reported: “The clip showcased the burgeoning romance, filling the screen with some of the iconic moments fans of the book will remember, like the first introduction in his office: Anastasia nervous and earnest; Grey, handsome and aloof. Grey’s surprise appearance at the hardware store and his helicopter also make an appearance. Plus audiences were given a sense of the Grey psyche with Dornan uttering, ‘Hearts and flowers: That’s not who I am.'”

CinemaCon is the annual theater chain convention and this year it is being held in Las Vegas. It opened March 24 and runs to March 27.

The showing of the Fifty Shades reel was one of several movies Universal was touting.

Of course, fans are now WAITING TO THE SEE THE PREVIEW. Anxiously.

And we are wondering if Beyoncé’s inclusion as the musical backdrop for the reel means her music is in the movie>

Hear the song and see the full “Haunted” official video here.

Video: ‘Divergent’ Star Theo James on ‘Chelsea Lately’ Talking About His Killer Climax

Theo James is so adorable and this interview is so funny.

Remember, before he was Four, in “Divergent,” he experienced death by Sex with Lady Mary on Downton Abbey.

He played the Turkish dimplomat’s son who sneaked into her room, took her virginity, and had to be carried out!

All the women swooned when he rode up on a horse.


See Video: ’50 Shades! The Musical’ is a Raunchy and Fun Parody

By A. Charlotte Rose

See video of ’50 Shades! The Musical’ dress rehearsal in New York.

Even if I had never read Fifty Shades of Grey, I still would have loved the thoroughly entertaining experience that is 50 Shades! The Musical. The fact that it is a genius send-up of the best-selling book by British author E.L. James, and her fans, made it completely hilarious.

I happened to be sitting next to a couple visiting from Portland, Washington – where some of Fifty Shades takes place – and the guy asked me a gazillion questions because neither of them had read the books. “We knew it was a cultural phenomenon,” he said. “So we wanted to see it.” But they laughed their heads off, proving that this parody is funny, in general.

But if you are a fan, you have to attend with someone who also is a fan! My friend Elise joined me and we continuously howled in laughter at the inside jokes. It was so much fun.

The musical centers around three women in a ho-hum private book club who decide to spice things up by reading the book everyone is talking about—Fifty Shades of Grey. These ladies are having their own erotic awakening as they read about Anastasia Steele’s adventures with Christian Grey. And, as they later admit, their sex drives are heightening, they are masturbating like crazy, and their love lives are getting a boost—a phenomenon reported by many women who read the book, which has sold 100 million copies worldwide.

The underlying message is women should be sexually liberated and should enjoy sensual fun. Yay!

It is difficult to discuss a theater experience like this without spoilers, especially since it is a very direct parody of the book. I will try not to reveal too much so you can have the same joy of hilarious discovery. But I will say this: Fifty Shades of Grey fans are extremely attached to their own personal image of Christian Grey. If you ask 10 fans who he looks like they will put forth the name of 10 different actors. 50 Shades! The Musical has a little fun with that. You will be stunned by Mr. Grey when he is revealed. And then, well, you may fall in love when you hear him sing, watch him dance, and hear him talk oh so dirty. Oh my.

Here are 11 hilarious and wonderful aspects of 50 Shades! The Musical.

1. The Book. It’s no secret that there have been detractors who think that Fifty Shades of Grey may not be well written, but fans love the simplicity of the writing and adore the love story between Christian and Ana. My first favorite thing is the program, which boasts that the show is: “The Original Parody of the Greatest Novel Ever Written.”

2. Anastasia Steele. She is an everywoman’s Ana– beautiful, normal-sized, dressed in cute clothes, and as adorable, funny, and sweet as the “real” Ana. This Ana has the most amazing singing voice and she played the innocent virgin well. Especially when she sang a song that exclaimed, ‘There’s a hole inside of me… I wish I had something to begin to fill this hole.” Because we all know that, in the book, she gets that and “more.”

3. Christian Grey. As hinted, he is a total surprise and he will totally get your attention. He is an amazing, sexy singer. And when he is on stage scantily clothed, sweaty, dancing, and singing, “I don’t make love… I fuck,” you will feel it. Yes, you will feel it, baby.

4. Taylor. He is half naked for the entire show… and that’s a good thing.

5. Jose. Played like a hyper-sexual Latin lover, ,every move he makes is in a jump, leap, or a tango. The camera equipment he uses to keep snapping photos of Ana is hilarious. When they come to the famous club scene where Ana gets drunk and pushes him away, she off course yells “No… no… no way, Jose!”

6. Kate Kavanagh. Ana’s BFF comes off like a slutty valley girl and we discover it was not a cold that sent Ana packing to her first fateful meeting with Mr. Grey. No, Kate was hung over. “I just need you to drive four hours out of the city to interview some weird, reclusive, cocky billionaire,” she says.

7. The Contract. The prop used as ‘The Contract” is hysterical and it set Ana off into contemplation, and song, about “his huge budging… contract. “

8. Charlie Tango. The stage became the sky for a tiny toy helicopter prop on a pole and string as Christian and Ana rolled in on a makeshift helicopter seats, arguing about the contract. To those who know and love Charlie Tango, it is quite fun.

9. The Red Room of Pain. There are hunky, bare-chested men to help reveal what is in Christian’s BDSM hideaway. And there is something new in there that belongs in the kitchen! You’ll spot it.

10. Spanking. There is enough to keep you satisfied.

11. The songs and music. One of the biggest surprises is how great this production is. It is completely professional with top notch performances. The music is entertaining and hilarious. One of our favorites is Christian and Ana singing they are just like, “Any Other Couple.” Ha!

Overall, they lampooned the “Greatest Novel Ever Written” in the most loving and hilarious way, with blatant sexual humor and fun sex talk. For us Fifty fans, they brought the story alive and gave us a fun night out as we wait for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

50 Shades! The Musical is at the Elektra Theater at 300 West 43rd Street. Check here for tickets and show times.

It’s written by Al Samuels, Amanda Blake Davis, Emily Dorezas, Jody Shelton, Ashley Ward, and Dan Wessels, and music and lyrics by Amanda Blake Davis, Jody Shelton, Ashley Ward, Al Samuels and Dan Wessels. Set and Costume Design is by John Dunnett, Lighting Design is by Herrick Goldman, and Sound Design is by Matt Kraus. It is choreographed by Mindy Cooper and Joy Dewing is the (brilliant) casting director.

The hilarious sound track, which we bought last night, is available on Amazon.

Reprinted from my Hot Romance column on The Three Tomatoes.