Author Lisa Renée Jones Discusses ‘His Secrets’ and the ‘Inside Out Series’

His Secrets cover

By A. Charlotte Rose
Best-selling author Lisa Renée Jones was our guest on Fifty Shades of Grey News page tonight, March 4, to discuss her new book, His Secrets, and her amazing Inside Out Series.

We asked Lisa Renée to join us because we, and so many on the page, love her books. We could not put these books down… they draw you in with hot sex, hot men, and more than one mystery to solve. Riveting. And so, so, hot!

If you missed the chat you can find the thread on our Facebook page, under a photo of Lisa Renee Jones.

What Is The Inside Out Series About?
The Inside Out Series follows the life of Sara McMillan who comes into possession of some journals left in a storage unit. Unable to resist, she begins to uncover the dark, erotic secrets the pages hold. Entries that would fuel her fantasies and change her life in ways she could never imagine.

The series tells the highly erotic, and sometime chilling, tale (SPOILER ALERT) of Sara’s experience of almost taking over the life of the woman in the journals. In the process she is thrust into the sexy, high-stake art world of San Francisco. She meet gorgeous, sexy artist, Chris Merit. He is rich and famous, and dark in ways she knows she shouldn’t find intriguing.

How the Inside Out Series Came About
Lisa Renée Jones and her hubby, then-fiance, Diego, used to buy and sell storage units. Diego found a journal in one of the unites and read it. He then spent years trying to convince Lisa to write a story that revolved around a similar situation. Finally, and happily for us, she did!

You can read more on Lisa Renée’s website.

Here is the Reading Order of The Inside Out Series Along with Links to Purchase:

By Lisa Renee Jones
If I Were You (Inside Series Book 1)
Being Me (Inside Out Series Book 2)
The Master Undone (Inside Out Novella)
Revealing Us (inside Out Series Book 3)
His Secrets: An Inside Out Novella
No In Between (Inside Out Series Book 4)

Rebecca’s Lost Journals:
Rebecca’s Lost Journal Volume One: The Seduction
Rebecca’s Lost Journal, Volume Two: The Contract
Rebecca’s Lost Journal, Volume Three: His Submissive
Rebecca’s Lost Journal, Volume Four: My Master

Lisa Renée is a prolific author. You should also Check out her Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series!

Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series

Buy His Secrets here:

if I were you

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