Must See Video: Very Sexy Fan Video Using the Song ‘Anastasia’

Hot, hot, hot! This is a hot fan video for an over 18 audience. It uses the song Anastasia as the backdrop and it is SO FITTING. This video includes photos from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie shoot, of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, and other sexy footage representing scenes in the book.

Anastasia was written and recorded 20 years ago by Bennett Chesne. The song is now circulating in the Fifty Shade of Grey Fan community.

Kc Chesne sent us the video and said:

“Fans love the song “Anastasia” for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Some are saying it describes Christians feeling for Anastasia and makes a perfect theme song. Where do you hear it for the movie? Give us your opinion.”

What do you think?

One thought on “Must See Video: Very Sexy Fan Video Using the Song ‘Anastasia’

  1. I love this song. It’s awesome as a hit song on its own, but in the context of Fifty Shades, it is PERFECT! I love it! Where do I think it fits? Perhaps slowly, during their coffee date. Then again through the scene where she calls him from the bar, drunk, and he comes to rescue her. It could definitely complete their unusual one-nighter at the Heathman. I hear it playing as they leave his room and enter the elevator, sparks flying everywhere, alone in the elevator and he growls that famous line…”Oh, f–ck the paper work”, pushing Anastasia against the wall, overwhelming her with a searing kiss. Yeah, I think “Oh, Anastasia” would really fit these scenes perfectly.

    Fifty Shades is going to be epic and defy all those who think otherwise. By the way…..this video is wayyy hot! Perhaps the theatres may need to be eqipped with cold showers on premier night! Ha!

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