Back to ‘The Fall’: Jamie Dornan is Far From His Role As Christian Grey

Jamie License to Chill

Jamie Dornan is far away from Christina Grey right now and we miss him! Read this article from his hometown newspaper, Sunday Life, in Norther Ireland.

After three months of filming, he is back–or soon will be back– to his role as a serial killer on The Fall.

His acting in the BBC has put him in the running for awards. It is giving his a chance to really show his acting chops.

But do Fifty Shades fans want to see him in a role where he does such gruesome things to women that he has admitted to apologizing to the actresses he’s had to mock-harm on film.

Our guess is: Yes.

We personally cannot bear to watch the previews. He is an amazing actor but the role is very dark and we do not want that character on the brain.

Bring us back Mr. Grey. Soon please.

Thanks to Fifty Shades of Jamie Dornan in Northern Ireland for sharing this bit of news.

The image above belongs to Sunday Life. More on Jamie Dornan here.

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