Video: First Look At ‘Gorgeous’ Jamie Dornan in Trailer for ‘New Worlds’

Jamie Dornan is playing Abe Goffe, a rather scruffy and kind of wild “young, idealistic renegade who is very determined in his fight to make England a true republic.”

It is romantic lead and although he is not Christian Grey in this historical mmini series, he has to win a woman’s heart and there is on screen making out in the trailer.

Jamies onscreen love in New Worlds is actress Freya Mavor. She says he is gorgeous and fun!Q

She has this to say about her fun and easy-going co-star.

“One of Jamie’s brilliant traits is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He takes the job seriously but he made being on set so much fun and between heartbreaking scenes we could goof around which was really easy” the actress was quote as saying in Entertainment Wise.

“We became great friends, which I think really helped us play Beth and Abe are not only in love but also see each other as comrades and support each other,” she said.

“And he is gorgeous which helps as well!”

Read more about New Worlds here.

One thought on “Video: First Look At ‘Gorgeous’ Jamie Dornan in Trailer for ‘New Worlds’

  1. He is such a wonderful actor. The fact that he’s so handsome and charismatic makes him quite an irristable character. His future is so bright. I’d really love to see him in a romantic comedy in the near future. Listening to him interviewed on the Graham Norton show gave us a peek at his easy humor.

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