Men Are Posting Photos of Penises In Socks for Cancer Awareness

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By A. Charlotte Rose

Buzzfeed and many other sites reported on a really cool trend this week.

Men are taking pictures of their penises in socks and posting them on the internet with the hashtag #cockinasock to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Men of all sizes (sock sizes, that is!), shapes, shades, and sexual persuasions are whipping out their sex organs and stashing them in socks.

They are taking selfies, they are getting a helping photo assist from friends and lovers, and they are posing in groups. Groups of naked men… with socks dangling from their privates. And some of the socks are very long!

Some of these guys are very hot. And sincere. I mean, they wouldn’t just expose themselves if it weren’t for a good cause, right?

The reason behind the social media phenomenon is to inspire men to have a cancer screening check-up, and or, to inspire their lovers to remind them.

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This enthusiastic participation of naked men was apparently inspired by last weeks breast cancer awareness “no make-up selfie” trend, where women were taking self-photographs without their makeup. In honor of testicular cancer awareness month, men are taking photos without their pants. It’s only fair.

The trend started on Instagram, but the photo sharing site reportedly blocked the tag #cockinasock and deleted the photos, but restored them later in the day. As Buzzfeed explained: “Apparently Instagram has unblocked the #cockinasock hashtag AKA more proof that God is real and a gay man or a straight woman. Amen.”

Fast Company explained the trend this way: “Finally, there’s a socially acceptable reason for men to take pictures of their penises and post them to the Internet: The latest trend on Instagram and Twitter is #cockinasock, and it’s intended to raise awareness for testicular cancer. As the name implies, guys hang a sock from their nether regions, post the pic online, and add the hashtag in hopes that someone will be inspired to go to the doctor for a checkup.”

There is still a Facebook and Twitter page that are both added to daily.

God bless the men who have bravely exposed their private parts in the name of cancer awareness.

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