Video: Beyonce’s ‘Haunted’ Used In Official ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Teaser at CinemaCon

Beyoncé’s song, “Haunted,” was the background music on the teaser footage of Fifty Shades that was shown at CinemaCon yesteday.

Hear the whole song and see the full bizarre and hot “Haunted” official video here.

The first official preview reel of snippets of Fifty Shades was presented by Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley.

Entertainment Weekly reported: “The clip showcased the burgeoning romance, filling the screen with some of the iconic moments fans of the book will remember, like the first introduction in his office: Anastasia nervous and earnest; Grey, handsome and aloof. Grey’s surprise appearance at the hardware store and his helicopter also make an appearance. Plus audiences were given a sense of the Grey psyche with Dornan uttering, ‘Hearts and flowers: That’s not who I am.'”

CinemaCon is the annual theater chain convention and this year it is being held in Las Vegas. It opened March 24 and runs to March 27.

The showing of the Fifty Shades reel was one of several movies Universal was touting.

Of course, fans are now WAITING TO THE SEE THE PREVIEW. Anxiously.

And we are wondering if Beyoncé’s inclusion as the musical backdrop for the reel means her music is in the movie>

Hear the song and see the full “Haunted” official video here.

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