Jasinda Wilder Interview: Bestselling Author Discusses Her New Book, ‘Jack and Djinn’

This super star in the erotic romance world has a new book and series that will ignite all your senses. It’s a different kind of love story. Find out more in this interview with NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Jasinda Wilder.


By A.C.Rose

Jasinda Wilder brought sexy back for women of a certain size in her bestselling Big Girls Do It series.

She cracked open our hearts with the emotional, poignant, gut wrenching, beautiful love story in Falling Into You.

She gave us a good girl with a big problem, a hot movie star who wants to help, and a delicious happily-ever-after in Stripped.

And she made us all feel the heat–the searing, lusty, jump-your-man, powerful sexual kind–in Alpha.

Her her newest book, Jack and Djinn, promises to take us on a sexy, heart-opening journey into paranormal romance.

She is one of the best and bravest authors I know. She writes what she loves–and writes about love–and generously shares it with the world.

As a hugely successful, prolific, bestselling independent author, she has published more than 30 books, with the support of her partner and (hunky) hubby, Jack Wilder. This is all in the space of just two years!

Books are not the only thing they have produced in multiples. They have five children — little ones — that they are raising on a beautiful farm in Michigan, with plenty of animals around. I am always awed at how they manage family life, book signings and appearances, and writing, writing, writing. Might I add, they are sincerely kind people and they are adorable together!

So when Jasinda Wilder has a new book out, everyone wants to know about!

That’s why it is so exciting to interview her about her newest book, Jack and Djinn (The Houri Legends #1) . It already has great reviews! And, she jokes, “All of you paranormal-loving Smut Muffins want to read this trilogy!”

A.C.Rose: Congratulations on Jack and Djinn. It sounds so mysterious! If you had to describe this book in one sentence, what would it be?

Jasinda Wilder: Sexy, paranormal romance.

You have authored so many amazing series and love stories – Big Girls, Falling Into You, Stripped, Alpha. What makes this book different?

Well, primarily the fact that it’s paranormal. But it’s also a bit of a departure from even most paranormal romance, since there are no vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, witches, zombies, or aliens.

And why is this book so close to your heart?

This is actually a revision and republishing of one of the first books I ever wrote. It’s close to my heart because, really, I learned to write while working on Jack and Djinn and the standalone sequels, Djinn and Tonic and Djinn and Juice.

There is also theme of addiction, abuse, and obsessive love. It is something many women can relation to–being stuck with a man who is so damaged and so wrong for you and who will not let go. Was that difficult to write?

It comes from personal experience. I was in an abusive relationship, once upon a time. So this was partly me exorcising my demons, working through my own pain via the catharsis of fiction. It was difficult, yes, but also healing.

It also has a very beautiful story– a woman who’s life is unraveling begins to tap into her own power and also meets a man whose love can help heal her. Is there a particular message you are hoping to impart through this book?

The same core message of all my books: The healing power of love.

I have to ask you, since your hubby is also named Jack… did he inspire your hero?

Maybe. Yes. LOL. As with all my characters, Jack Byrne is partly taken from reality—i.e. he is in some ways my husband—but he’s also his own man, given his own unique personality traits. For example, MY Jack doesn’t have blue eyes or a motorcycle. And he doesn’t paint. But the way his love heals Miriam? That’s painted from my own experience.

Order Jack and Djinn here.

Jack and Djinn

See the Jack and Djinn book trailer here:

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