Kristen Proby Book Give-Away and Chat Tonight


By A. C. Rose

Join us for a live author chat at Fifty Shades of Grey News, July 31, 2014, 9 pm EST.

I fell in love with Kristen Proby’s writing style and characters with her first novel, Come Away With Me, in 2012. In that book, Natalie Conner, the photographer, runs into Luke Williams, the gorgeous, hot movie star, and they, after some confusion and conflict, of course, have a delicious relationship and fall in love.

They also kick off the “With Me In Seattle Series,” which has made Kristen Proby a best-selling author and a beloved fan favorite.

In each book she brings together another sexy duo—from a growing and extended family of connected characters—for love, lust, and romance. Luke and Nat are still very much together and in love! And other favorite characters continue to pop in and interact. There are many fun, big family gatherings to enjoy with the Montgomery clan—in addition to some seriously great romance and sex between the hero and heroine of each tale.

We love her characters, who, as she puts it, are “strong women who don’t necessarily need saving, and gorgeous, alpha-type men who want to save them anyway.”

And did I mention that every male member of the family — from the Montgomery brothers to the Montgomery sons-in-law — are All So Freakin’ Hot! And the best lovers. And many of them are kinda rich and famous, too, bringing a little glitz to the family tree.

The women are gorgeous and full of sass and humor. They all start out a little tough and resistance but eventually surrender to the charms of these amazing men, and this amazing family.

Seriously. You wanted to jump in the pages and be there for every kiss, touch, and intimate moment.

Many of readers have been anxiously awaiting book seven of the series, Breathe With Me. And now it’s here!

It tells the story of Luke Williams hot brother Mark, and he reuniting with the high school sweetheart who broke his heart.

The ‘With Me In Seattle” book order goes like this:
Come Away With Me
Fight With Me
Play With Me
Rock With Me
Under The Mistletoe (novella)
Safe With Me
Tied With Me
Breathe With Me

She is also author of the Love Under the Big Sky Series:
Book 1: Loving Cara
Book 2: Seducing Lauren (Out August 19, 2014. Pre-order here)

Connect with Kristen Proby:

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Media: Please Stop Dissing the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer and Books


By. A.C. Rose

I’ve been reading some of the media reviews of the trailer, and other Fifty Shades stories since the release of the the trailer, and I am so sick of haters.

If you don’t get it, if you don’t care for the actors, if you think the book sucks… then move on. Read something else. See a different movie.

I think it is fair enough if a true fan is disappointed by the trailer or actors and needs to share that. I don’t care for nasty comments, but at least the readers have a right to voice their opinions. They are invested in the book and the characters. They love the book and the characters. They get the book and characters. And they had a different picture in mind.

But I take issue with the constant negativity from non-fans of Fifty, and people who have not read (or read and not enjoyed) the book but can’t seem to stop from insulting it.

Do they realize they are insulting 100 million readers. Insulting their intelligence. Insulting their judgement. Insulting their taste.

I saw a thread on a women’s spirituality site where the leader made a negative comment and 100 people who had never read the book jumped on and agreed.

Look, Christian Grey did some crazy shit in the books. But he also transformed and grew. And he learned to love. And he was amazing in bed. And Ana and Christian shared an extraordinary love story. She grew and became strong. Everybody won in the end. Most of all, these two tantalized us and captured our imagination.

The trailer is not perfect, the movie won’t be, because nothing is. Nothing in the world can be as magical as the first time you fall in love with a character. However, those who love the characters and are willing to give it a chance, will love to see those characters come alive, speak the words, act out the scenes.

It is hard to make a movie based on an iconic book and characters. But I am at least happy someone tried and that I will have a chance to go see it.

Critics will continue to abound because they get page views by running stories about Fifty Shades of Grey. But, in the spectrum of things, do we really give a hoot is Suzie Do and So from the Daily News doesn’t care for the trailer? Or if a mom blogger thought it sucked.

No. Because we will still plunk down our dollars to see the film, buy the DVD, and we will talk about it endlessly. Until movie two goes into production.

Rant over. Peace out.

‘How To Lasso A Real Cowboy’ is Live


I am excited to share that my new book, How to Lasso a Real Cowboy, is now available as an eBook on Amazon worldwide. Exciting!

Here’s a snippet from the intro:

Cowboys. There is just something about them that makes my temperature rise and puts a sizzle in the general vicinity of my underwear. I have always loved being around them. Heck, I have traveled the country, on assignment for various magazines and newspapers, in search of cowboy adventures. From working ranches to rodeos, cowboy bars to events in Western states, I’ve investigated how to lasso some cowboy loving.

After all, cowboys are the proverbial romantic fantasy men. I’ve admired them and their six-pack abs in romance books, sexy photos, and movies and, well, I wanted one. I longed to find out how a city girl like me, with very little experience in Western-style romance, could even hope to rope in a real romantic interlude with one of those hot, sexy, strong, protective, manly men in cowboy boots and hat.

Then, a national women’s magazine sent me on a fun assignment that brought me into the heart of the cowboy fantasy: the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale in Montana. Oh my, it was as if all the cowboys in the state and beyond were herded there for one big, long weekend.

The angle on my story was “how to meet and pick-up a cowboy.”

I may have had a sexy angle to cover, but I took my assignment seriously and did my best to bring back the true secrets to attracting a cowboy. While writing, I blended in the experience at The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale with many other experiences I’ve had over the years to come up with this short book that tells city gals everything they need to know to lasso a real cowboy of their own.

Happily, I experienced some cowboy romance that made this the best assignment, ever. And, well, it may not be over yet.

Hope you enjoy my story.
A.C. Rose

Smokin’ Hot told me a cowboy’s favorite way to make love is riding, slowly, on a horse. “You would climb on me naked, and we’d let the horse walk real slow. Every time its hoof goes down, I go in deeper,” he explained as I listened, enraptured and beginning to lubricate. “You ever done that?” – How to Lasso A Real Cowboy

You can order it around the world on Amazon. Here are some of the links.







VIdeo: Today Show Segment and Interviews on the Set of FIFTY SHADES

After the trailer reveal yesterday, TODAY followed up with a segment on the set Fifty Shades of Grey.

See the entire feature segment here:

Natalie Moralies interviews E.L. James, about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, about how much heat we can expect in the movie.

E.L. James fans herself and says she things people will be happy with the film.

Image copyright of The Today Show

today photo

Video: Here’s the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Trailer


We just watched the interview on the TODAY show. Here’s the full Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

I think Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were a little nervous and awkward in the interview.

Jamie’s sense of humor came through when the host said readers wanted him to do the interview shirtless, he said he would have considered it for sure if asked in advance.

Dakota, when asked about shooting the sex scenes, said it is “actually a task.” Jamie pretended to be insulted.

They both agreed getting Fifty on to film required trust.

Some of our favorite Fifty Shades elements are in the trailer:

* The awkward first meeting
* The photo shoot
* Coffee with Christian Grey
* The elevator scene
* Charlie Tango
* Glider plain
* Christian snatching Ana out of Jose’s arms (he pushed him hard)
* Ana coming into the living room while Christian plays piano
* Showing her the Red Room
* Christian carrying Ana

What did you like best about it.


‘Fifty Shades’ Movie Trailer Debuts on The Today Show July 24


Fifty Shades of Grey fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the exclusive debut of the movie trailer on the “Today” show July 24. Here are the details for tomorrow from “Today.”

“Today” says they will interview stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, will show a clip of the trailer, and then, a fuller, hotter trailer will be showing immediately after on SO if you can’t watch it on TV tomorrow now worries, you can find it online at

The trailer will debut sometime on the “TODAY” show between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

The Today Show is reporting the following schedule of events for Thursday, July 24:

* Savanah Guthrie will interview stars of the movies, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
* Then they will be “airing an exclusive clip of the “Fifty Shades” movie trailer.”
* Then, the full too-hot-for-morning-TV trailer will air right here on immediately following the segment.

The Today Show is reporting the follow schedule of events for Friday, July 25:

* Natalie Morales will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the movie set, where she’ll talk with cast members as well as the best-selling trilogy’s author, E.L. James on location. This will be on the “TODAY” show between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Information from The Today Show can be found here.

The Today Show interview with author E.L. James in 2012.

If you are thinking of going to the Today Plaza, where you can look in an watch interviews sometimes or interact with the hosts of Today, find information here about making arrangements.

Find a local NBC station near you to watch the show.

Read a great article on why we love Fifty Shades and E.L. James.

Video: E.L. James Interviewed on The Today Show Back in April 2012

You will enjoy this interview with E.L. James at the start of the Fifty Shades of Grey worldwide explosion.

This interview was conducted before the film was made, and when the film deal was first put into place.

More than years later, The Today Show will reveal the first glimpse of the Fifty Shades of Grey film trailer on July 24, 2014.