Video: Here’s the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Trailer


We just watched the interview on the TODAY show. Here’s the full Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

I think Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were a little nervous and awkward in the interview.

Jamie’s sense of humor came through when the host said readers wanted him to do the interview shirtless, he said he would have considered it for sure if asked in advance.

Dakota, when asked about shooting the sex scenes, said it is “actually a task.” Jamie pretended to be insulted.

They both agreed getting Fifty on to film required trust.

Some of our favorite Fifty Shades elements are in the trailer:

* The awkward first meeting
* The photo shoot
* Coffee with Christian Grey
* The elevator scene
* Charlie Tango
* Glider plain
* Christian snatching Ana out of Jose’s arms (he pushed him hard)
* Ana coming into the living room while Christian plays piano
* Showing her the Red Room
* Christian carrying Ana

What did you like best about it.


5 thoughts on “Video: Here’s the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Trailer

  1. I am a little disappointed in the character he does not have that cut chiseled look like the book describes Christian Grey is being, but will wait to watch the movie and seeing how it turned out. Loved the books just don’t want to be disappointed by the movie.

    • Really? Jamie Dornan has fine, masculine features and gorgeous, intense blue-grey eyes. He’s really adept at conveying emotion with his eyes. They’re very expressive. For me, it was like Christian Grey’s character came to life when Jamie Dornan was selected to play him. I couldn’t be more excited about seeing the film when it’s released!

  2. Jamie and Dakota are PERFECT !!!! Loved in the interview how their mannerisms were very Ana and Christian like!! I can’t wait for this movie. Already reading Book 1 again with the trailer pictures in mind!!!!

  3. If I was excited about the movie before, I’m borderline out-of-control now. Holy sh*t! Jamie Dornan “rocks” his character! He’s orgasmic! I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Christian Grey now if I tried! Dakota Johnson is a delight; she has all the elements of Anastasia’s character–young, innocent, bright and beautiful, even though she looks kinda dowdy during the initial interview. That’s what a few moments spent with “Sex on Legs” will do for a average-looking gal! Ha! Loved the Today Show interview. Jamie is so at ease with himself though I did detect just a tiny bit of nerves. I actually think he was nervous about Dakota. He’s such a sweetheart!

  4. I was a little apprehensive of Dakota playing Ana at first but as soon as I saw her in the trailer I was sold! I think it’s going to be GREAT! The only complaint I have is that we have to wait so long for the movie to come out!! AHHH!

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