Media: Please Stop Dissing the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer and Books


By. A.C. Rose

I’ve been reading some of the media reviews of the trailer, and other Fifty Shades stories since the release of the the trailer, and I am so sick of haters.

If you don’t get it, if you don’t care for the actors, if you think the book sucks… then move on. Read something else. See a different movie.

I think it is fair enough if a true fan is disappointed by the trailer or actors and needs to share that. I don’t care for nasty comments, but at least the readers have a right to voice their opinions. They are invested in the book and the characters. They love the book and the characters. They get the book and characters. And they had a different picture in mind.

But I take issue with the constant negativity from non-fans of Fifty, and people who have not read (or read and not enjoyed) the book but can’t seem to stop from insulting it.

Do they realize they are insulting 100 million readers. Insulting their intelligence. Insulting their judgement. Insulting their taste.

I saw a thread on a women’s spirituality site where the leader made a negative comment and 100 people who had never read the book jumped on and agreed.

Look, Christian Grey did some crazy shit in the books. But he also transformed and grew. And he learned to love. And he was amazing in bed. And Ana and Christian shared an extraordinary love story. She grew and became strong. Everybody won in the end. Most of all, these two tantalized us and captured our imagination.

The trailer is not perfect, the movie won’t be, because nothing is. Nothing in the world can be as magical as the first time you fall in love with a character. However, those who love the characters and are willing to give it a chance, will love to see those characters come alive, speak the words, act out the scenes.

It is hard to make a movie based on an iconic book and characters. But I am at least happy someone tried and that I will have a chance to go see it.

Critics will continue to abound because they get page views by running stories about Fifty Shades of Grey. But, in the spectrum of things, do we really give a hoot is Suzie Do and So from the Daily News doesn’t care for the trailer? Or if a mom blogger thought it sucked.

No. Because we will still plunk down our dollars to see the film, buy the DVD, and we will talk about it endlessly. Until movie two goes into production.

Rant over. Peace out.

4 thoughts on “Media: Please Stop Dissing the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer and Books

  1. Way to go Charlotte! I love your “rant”. Everything you said is true. We’re not holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to go to the movie, or read the book. But if it’s not of interest to you, then move on. Don’t criticize something you know little, or nothing about. For me this trilogy will always be an intense love story, showing how transformational and powerful true love is. Yes it’s erotic and Christian’s character is pretty kinky, but when he realizes that he loves Ana, sex beomes what it should always be–the most intimate and sincere expression of real love. It is “a tale that has obsessed me, possessed me and will stay with me forever.”

    I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve watched the trailer. You should pose that question to the Fifty Shades fans. To date, how many times have you watched the trailer?

    Laters, baby!

  2. Perfect!
    I just read something online that was totally dissing Jamie for not being sexy enough. They wrote the only good thing is the guy who dubbed his voice in the German version is the same as for Edward in Twilight. Well, hearing Edward is something I really do not like about the movie but I’ll probably solely watch the original anyway. The article was really mean and I don’t understand why they are doing this?

  3. You should see some of the crap written on BDSM facebook pages! There are people in the Lifestyle who like the books (i’m one of them) but there are many who don’t and most of those have never even read them. i think they’re the ones who want to keep the world of BDSM as an exclusive ‘club’ and are terrified of BDSM becoming ‘mainstream’ so they no longer feel ‘special’. Rather sad, really. i love the books and if they help to make BDSM more ‘acceptable’ then i, for one, will be happy to be able to come out of the BDSM ‘closet’.

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