Kristen Proby Book Give-Away and Chat Tonight


By A. C. Rose

Join us for a live author chat at Fifty Shades of Grey News, July 31, 2014, 9 pm EST.

I fell in love with Kristen Proby’s writing style and characters with her first novel, Come Away With Me, in 2012. In that book, Natalie Conner, the photographer, runs into Luke Williams, the gorgeous, hot movie star, and they, after some confusion and conflict, of course, have a delicious relationship and fall in love.

They also kick off the “With Me In Seattle Series,” which has made Kristen Proby a best-selling author and a beloved fan favorite.

In each book she brings together another sexy duo—from a growing and extended family of connected characters—for love, lust, and romance. Luke and Nat are still very much together and in love! And other favorite characters continue to pop in and interact. There are many fun, big family gatherings to enjoy with the Montgomery clan—in addition to some seriously great romance and sex between the hero and heroine of each tale.

We love her characters, who, as she puts it, are “strong women who don’t necessarily need saving, and gorgeous, alpha-type men who want to save them anyway.”

And did I mention that every male member of the family — from the Montgomery brothers to the Montgomery sons-in-law — are All So Freakin’ Hot! And the best lovers. And many of them are kinda rich and famous, too, bringing a little glitz to the family tree.

The women are gorgeous and full of sass and humor. They all start out a little tough and resistance but eventually surrender to the charms of these amazing men, and this amazing family.

Seriously. You wanted to jump in the pages and be there for every kiss, touch, and intimate moment.

Many of readers have been anxiously awaiting book seven of the series, Breathe With Me. And now it’s here!

It tells the story of Luke Williams hot brother Mark, and he reuniting with the high school sweetheart who broke his heart.

The ‘With Me In Seattle” book order goes like this:
Come Away With Me
Fight With Me
Play With Me
Rock With Me
Under The Mistletoe (novella)
Safe With Me
Tied With Me
Breathe With Me

She is also author of the Love Under the Big Sky Series:
Book 1: Loving Cara
Book 2: Seducing Lauren (Out August 19, 2014. Pre-order here)

Connect with Kristen Proby:

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Kristen Proby on Twitter

Kristen Proby Website and Blog

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