Hilarious Video! Gay Men Analyze ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

You have to watch this video, “Fifty Shades of Gay.”

I am laughing my ass off. Someone gathered a group of gay men to read from and comment on Fifty Shades of Grey. Their natural reaction to talking about Christian Grey’s erection, Ana Steele’s “sex,” blow jobs, anal beads, and all the eroticism in the book is hilarious.

Video: Fifty Shades of Grey Kitten Trailer

Someone spoofed the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer using little pussy cats. See it here.

But will pet lovers now be in an uproar? Will Fifty fans think it childish? Or will they just relax, enjoy, and meow?

See more here at Buzzfeed.

Interview With Jonah Falcon Owner of World’s Largest Penis

I did not do this interview with Jonah Falcon. It was in Salon.

You can read it here.

The interview does not have a photo of Jonah Falcon’s penis, which is huge. Really huge.

So I had to look it up. And share it. Here is is. Graphic. Must be over 18 to click.

Then I got curious about him so did a little more research. Apparently he is a writer and actor who measured his penis one day and and was on an HBO special about big penises.

Video: Fifty Shades of Frozen in New Fan-Made Vid

Oh. My. God. You kind of have to see this. A fan took edited the beloved characters in Frozen into a believable Disney version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

As Digital Spy reported today, “Princess Anna and Prince Hans step into the roles of Ana Steele and Christian Grey when the original 50 Shades trailer audio is played over Frozen clips.”

Hey, we don’t done it, but we have to report the news.

What do you think. Is it fun and charming, or sacrilege to mess with beloved characters our kids adore and turn them into Ana and Christian?

One viewer reported that it was “scary how well” the Frozen video fit with the Fifty Shades of Grey dialog.

This in not the first time a fan has tinkered with either iconic movie.

Video: ‘My Mistress” Could Be Christian Grey in the Mrs. Robinson Years

Oh. My. God. This trailer for the film, “The Mistress,” is going to look VERY FAMILIAR to Fifty Shades of Grey Fans. It is due out this year.

It features a young man, a (French) dominatrix, and a forbidden lust, love, submission, etc. It begins as an affair, (hence, The Mistress) but she is really into pain (Oh, that kind of Mistress) and he apparently is happy to be her sub–until things get dangerous.

According to The Frisky, It tells the story of a female dominatrix who specializes in pain, and her submissive partner Charlie, a 16-year-old boy going through family troubles. While Maggie (the dom) begins to realize her relationship with Charlie is becoming co-dependent, loving and intense, they’re forced to hide their arrangement to prevent others from finding out.”

The report says that this is, “Essentially, it’s Fifty Shades in reverse.” But those of us who have actually read the books know that this is more like a pre-quel to Fifty Shades.

It features a 16 year old male character (Christian was 15 when “Mrs. Robinson” first got her hands on him) so, this may be very upsetting to some. And we in no shape or form condone sexual abuse of minors or sexual activities that can damage their developing emotions.

That said, this looks very hot. And like something Fifty Shades of Grey fans may want to check out.

Harrison Gilbertson is the male lead. He is, in reality, 21 years old. Thank goodness. But he plays 16 well.

Harrison Gilbert

See the details on the IMBd page.