Video: ‘My Mistress” Could Be Christian Grey in the Mrs. Robinson Years

Oh. My. God. This trailer for the film, “The Mistress,” is going to look VERY FAMILIAR to Fifty Shades of Grey Fans. It is due out this year.

It features a young man, a (French) dominatrix, and a forbidden lust, love, submission, etc. It begins as an affair, (hence, The Mistress) but she is really into pain (Oh, that kind of Mistress) and he apparently is happy to be her sub–until things get dangerous.

According to The Frisky, It tells the story of a female dominatrix who specializes in pain, and her submissive partner Charlie, a 16-year-old boy going through family troubles. While Maggie (the dom) begins to realize her relationship with Charlie is becoming co-dependent, loving and intense, they’re forced to hide their arrangement to prevent others from finding out.”

The report says that this is, “Essentially, it’s Fifty Shades in reverse.” But those of us who have actually read the books know that this is more like a pre-quel to Fifty Shades.

It features a 16 year old male character (Christian was 15 when “Mrs. Robinson” first got her hands on him) so, this may be very upsetting to some. And we in no shape or form condone sexual abuse of minors or sexual activities that can damage their developing emotions.

That said, this looks very hot. And like something Fifty Shades of Grey fans may want to check out.

Harrison Gilbertson is the male lead. He is, in reality, 21 years old. Thank goodness. But he plays 16 well.

Harrison Gilbert

See the details on the IMBd page.

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