I Am Sleeping With Christian Grey


By A.C. Rose

Yes, it’s true, I am sleeping with Christian Grey. Jealous yet?

Of course, I am speaking in his bear counterpart from Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

He’s got 15 inches… I mean, he is 15 inches, of cuddly, furry bear. And he is a Valentine’s Day Gift so many women are hoping for this year.

The bear is grey, with grey eyes, and he comes dressed in a tiny little grey Suit, white shirt, and shinny, tiny grey tie.

In one hand is a masquerade mask and official Fifty Shades of Grey tag that is signed, “Christian Grey Bear.”

In the other hand is small set of handcuffs, along with the formal Vermont Teddy Bear tag.

How about those Christian Grey abs. Well, non-existent. There is also no, um, man part. This bear is all Teddy, and all fur. But it is silky, soft fur that feels lovely to the touch.

For the CG fan, he is very cute and can keep you company. Like he is right here with me as I write. And just so you know, the reason he look disheveled is, well, me. I kind of took some liberties, to see what was beneath the suit.


This limited-edition Fifty Shades of Grey Bear is inspired by the best-selling book, and is especially designed for we obsessed fans willing to — or with hubbies and boyfriends willing to — plunk down $89.99.

He is handmade in Vermont, USA. The makers of the bear say he is crafted “using the silkiest fur we can get our paws on, smooth, faux-suede details, and 100% recycled stuffing.”

You say you want…more? Well, this Christian Grey is “Guaranteed for life.”

Get your 15″ Fifty Shades of Grey® Bear here. Cost is $89.99.

Needless to say, this adorable bear, with tiny handcuffs and mask, is not meant for children. You must keep him all to yourself, in the bedroom perhaps!

For more information, visit Vermont Teddy Bear.

2 thoughts on “I Am Sleeping With Christian Grey

  1. You had me at “15” inches. Choke, cough, eyes popping out! Yeah this little bear is adorable. Wish he wasn’t so pricey! I’d rather have a T-shirt that said “I slept with Christian Grey!”

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