In ‘Fifty Shades of Tae’ Christian and Ana Sip Tea

Funny and silly! Fifty Shades of Tae, comes to a boil this February. Ha!

Christian explains his special tastes and, um, and Ana takes a sip. View here:

This is an Irish-made parody of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer. The creators say it, “might have you wanting to try something a little different and splash out on some select teas instead of the bubbly this Valentine’s weekend.” We’re guessing it is a promotion for tea or a tea shop. Or maybe it’s just fun!

Tae is Irish for Tea.

The actors are:
Ana – Fiona Walsh
Mr. Grey – Ernie Draper

Producer/Director – Martina Larkin
Lighting Cameraman – Michael Hourigan
Sound – John Larkin

Ana – Lara Lenehan
Mr. Grey – Aonghus Óg McAnally
Receptionist: Lorraine Walsh

Find out more at:

Thanks to the star, Ernie Draper, for sending this to us.

2 thoughts on “In ‘Fifty Shades of Tae’ Christian and Ana Sip Tea

  1. Hi,

    Mike here from the production company who made ‘Fifty Shades of Tae’. Thank you for sharing. This was an idea that our Producer/Director Martina came up with and we just had to run with it… it sounded like too fun to miss. So to answer the question you posed above – it was not made to promote a particular tea or tea shop, but rather you could say, was a ‘Labour of Love’. We are passionate about making creative and entertaining films and so glad that so many people are getting a giggle from our work.

    We did however contact based in Co. Louth, Ireland who generously provided the teas and accessories while our Filming location was the beautiful Presidential Suite of . And of course huge thanks to our two stars Fiona Walsh and Ernie Draper for their ‘steaming hot’ performance 😉


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