Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s Mom-Daughter Moment on TV

Dakota has been doing all the press for FSOG alone, and now it is clear why that was a good idea. She seems stronger and more confident when not with her mother.

She was introduced as Melanie Griffith’s “Little Girl” last night at the Oscars by Lara Spencer, the official ABC interviewer, and it set the tone for an uncomfortable mother/daughter exchange. Ugh. See the video above while it is still available.

Things got tricky when the interviewer pushed Melanie on whether she would see the film to confirm Dakota is a good actress.

“I don’t need to see that to know how good she is,” Melanie declared.

“All right! You don’t have to see it!” Dakota said, seeming agitated.

I think it is just to hard to take you famous mom — who has essentially been banned from partaking in your exciting journey of fame — to public events.

Melanie has obviously been a very loving and adoring mother. No doubt she is so proud of her daughter. But there has to be some living in mom’s shadow stuff, and the aging mother having to pass the baton but still showing her control over the daughter.

Not sure why Fifty Shades is such an anomaly in that family. If you look back on Melanie’s career, she was a sex symbol, nude a lot, of half dressed and almost always in her underwear and bra, plus she did Playboy showing all. So that’s Dakota’s model. I am thinking she didn’t want her mother to see they movie because she doesn’t want to be in a competition.

Dakota has often remarked that maybe her siblings would see her film.

There are issues in the family. Melanie is going through a divorce to Antonia Bandares, with whom she has a daughter Stella (Dakota’s sister). Plus there is a huge blended–and split– family. They are “Hollywood royalty,” but Melanie has three children with different mates, and Dakota has a brother who is the son of her Dad Don Johnson, and two or three additional sibs from Don’s most recent marriage. But still Melanie has always seemed the loving mom to all her kids and Don Johnson’s eldest, Jesse.

They probably should have prepared their responses and not made it family therapy on live TV. But clearly Melanie has always dominated and led when in these situations with Dakota — Dakota was a little girl tagging along for many years –and the dynamic has not changed.

What do you think? Should Dakota not take her mom along as a sidekick on interviews? Should they get some help ironing out their challenges?

Or has media just blown this out of proportion?

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