Former Priest Offers Compassionate Insight Into Christian Grey’s Tortured Soul

christian-grey official still

Finally, some compassion and interesting insight into Christians Grey’s wounded soul from Robert Hoatson, PhD. a counselor who used to be a priest and was abused as a boy.

People forget (or do not know yet) that the worst part of Christian’s behavior comes from his own horrible childhood abuse and abandonment. When you know the full character arc–as readers of all three books do–you can understand his flaws in a different light.

“The movie I saw on opening night in a packed New York City theater was not about sex, despite what you might read about Fifty Shades of Grey,” writes Hoatson, in an Op Ed piece in the New Jersey Star-Ledger. “These fifty shades of Christian Grey were shadows hovering over a young man who seemingly had never received any counseling, psychotherapy or sympathy for the sexual violation of his innocence as a boy.”

As an adult, Christian has a therapist — calling Dr. Flynn!–but there was no intervention when he was abused as a teen. Also, he remains close to his abuser, “Mrs. Robinson,” until that bond is broken, so there is a lot of material for a psychologist or therapist to think of.

“The movie was about the “break” in his psyche, which led him to fear intimacy, vulnerability, passion, and friendship,” continued Hoatson. “Christian Grey needed an intervention by a compassionate advocate to help him understand how his life had ironically cycled out of control despite his efforts to control everything and everyone.”

Kudos to Dr. Robert Hoatson for the insights. Read thew full story at the link below.

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