Chatting With Marie Force About the QUANTUM TRILOGY


By A.C. Rose
For Romance at Random

Marie Force has 40 successful books under her belt, including multiple series (McCarthy, Green Mountain, and Fatal). And she will keep those stories going and expects to publish 11 new books this year. But with her newest trilogy, Quantum, she is switching things up: This is her first foray specifically into the erotic romance genre. It’s not that her existing books are not sexy—they are—but this trilogy is meant to be highly erotic. It has a BDSM theme, and is written in first person, a big change for Force.

Fortunately for readers, the three full-length books in the trilogy are coming three weeks in a row: on April 14, 21 and 28 — so as to spare us from cliff-hanger hangovers.

We had a chance to speak with M.S, aka Marie, about this exciting new series.

A.C. Rose: You’ve had a hugely successful career as an author of contemporary romance, what inspired you to write an erotic romance trilogy?

Marie Force: Thanks for having me! I was inspired to write the Quantum Trilogy because the characters of Flynn and Natalie were calling to me, and the story I wanted to tell was erotic. It’s really that simple.

Continue reading the interview with Marie Force on The Three Tomatoes.

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