Interview with Michelle A. Valentine About WICKED WHITE


By A.C. Rose
For Romance at Random

Michelle A. Valentine was working as a nurse when she first read Twilight. It ignited a passion for reading that led her to consume 180 books that same year. Soon, she got the taste for penning her own novels. Although once a nurse, always a nurse, she exchanged her white stockings and stethoscope to write what she calls, “sexy fiction for naughty vixens.”

She first won readers over with her independently published Black Falcon series about sexy rockers on the road and the ladies who love them and has two other series featuring cocky alpha heroes. This week she celebrates her first foray into traditional publishing with the release of Wicked White. Her fans are thrilled to know she is back on the rocker beat with the start of this new series.

We spoke with Michelle about her career and her new music man, Ace White.

A.C. Rose: You are a nurse and worked full time in the nursing profession for many years, what inspired you to try your hand as an author?

Michelle A. Valentine: Honestly, it was after reading 180 books in one year and then wanting to find a very specific kind of story that didn’t exist. When I asked the librarian at my local library if they had a story like the one I wanted to read (I described the plot to her) her answer was, “No, but I would want to read that so you should write it.” I walked out of there thinking “Maybe I will.” LOL

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