THE BOSS OF ME, Part One, is LIVE from A.C. Rose

Boss of Me 1 Draft

I have been working on THE BOSS OF ME for three years!!! I am so excited to bring out Book One. It’s a short one, and I am finishing up Book Two as we speak.

Here is a synopsis:

Jillian Spencer works in publishing and is addicted to romance books and movies with sexy alpha heroes who do not take “no” for an answer. She works too hard, maybe to hide her secret wish to be chosen and dominated by a man who is gorgeous, powerful, and masterful.

On a Saturday that began with a sexy dream, and a series of events that made her long for a romantic adventure, Jillian ends up in the arms of a gorgeous, seductive CEO-type. He reminds her of the hero of the movie she’d seen…and the hero in the book she was reading… and maybe even the guy in her dream. Oh, and he also looks a little like her new billionaire boss.

Whoever he is, he seems to be the perfect fantasy man. The only problem: He demands Jillian surrender and submit to him, immediately—without even telling her his name. She has to choose between the safety of her fictional worlds…and the possible danger of having her secret fantasy come true.

FOR ADULTS OVER 18, ONLY. This is hot, hot, hot material and should be read only if cold shower is available.

This is Part One of The Boss of Me series. Part Two coming in July. Available on KINDLE.


“This content is sizzling hot. I now need a cold shower.” – a reader

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