Interview with Tara Oakes About BOOKS FOR BOOBIES

By A.C. Rose

I met Tara Oakes at a casual romance author’s dinner last Friday when she welcomed me warmly to the table and gave me a copy of PINK: Hot n’ Sexy for a Cure. It was fascinating to hear strategy to raise money for breast cancer quickly and effectively while helping avid readers of sexy romances who are going through cancer treatment. The book also brings together a great group of 28 authors and provides a fun, hot read for anyone who loves steamy love stories.

Tara explained that PINK: Hot n’ Sexy for a Cure was released only for the month of October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This blew me away. It goes off the market at the end of this month! I had never heard of such a thing in publishing, but it makes the book so much more meaningful and it also allows for the rights to be redirected back to the authors in a short time period. Tara is part of a huge and growing community of Independent authors, also called “indies.” Not hindered by corporate protocols or the long wait for publication dates in traditional publishing, indie authors have greater flexibility to pull off a project like this.

Wish I knew about it in the beginning of the month but there is still a week to grab your copy. If you are able, you can pay the full price for the 546 page book in paperback. Or it’s only 99 cents on Kindle!

All proceeds go to helping fund free and low cost mammograms.

An author in the “Romantica” genre, Tara also has a steamy story featured in the anthology. It’s about a gorgeous, bad-ass FBI agent and a beautiful, ambitious political aid from her book, Pretty Boy–definitely for readers over 18! Her other books include: The Kingsmen MC series and the brand new Slayers MC, a light mafia series; the Chianti Kisses series; and a paranormal romance/historical fiction series, My Soul to Wake.

I spoke with author Tara Oakes about the anthology and her group, BOOKS FOR BOOBIES.

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PINK Hot and Sexy Book Cover

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Jasinda Wilder’s Book Launch for MADAME X in New York City

A fun time was had by all last night at the launch of Jasinda Wilder’s new book, Madame X at the NYC hot spot called, you guessed it, Madame X–billed as the sexiest bar in the City. The event, hosted by Lady Jane’s Salon, was a gathering of like-minded romance lovers.

Jasinda read from Madame X, with some help from her surprise guest, Summer Roberts, award winning audio book narrator.  The writing is so exquisite that it was truly a treat to hear the words come alive.

Madame X is a sexy, sensual, eloquently erotic, and dark journey look into the world of X and her mysterious boss/lover/protector Caleb.

Speaking of sexy… Jasinda looked truly awesome, as did her handsome hubby, author Jack Wilder. Beautiful couple and a beautiful night to celebrate the newest addition to the Wilder publishing corral.

Had a great chat with the author about her new book slo make sure to read my interview with Jasinda Wilder in my Hot Romance column in The Three Tomatoes.

Jasinda with book

Jasinda Wilder at the launch for Madame X.

Mr and Mrs Wilder

Jasinda Wilder at the launch for Madame X.


Jasinda Wilder at the launch for Madame X.


Jasinda Wilder at the launch for Madame X.


Jasinda Wilder at the launch for Madame X.

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