Why We Fell So Hard for Fifty Shades of Grey



By A.C. Rose

I never planned on reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

As it happened, I was editor of a love and sex web magazine at the time it took the world by storm and my boss told me I had to read it and create content and articles related to Christian Grey because everyone was talking about him!

As a former editor of a women’s sexuality magazine and an author of steamy books in the nineties, I kind of assumed I had been there, done that. But I would discover this was not the case.

I pushed through the first few pages of book one, and then, it took me over. Oh yeah, it hooked me … and I could not put it down. Over six days I worked my way through the trilogy, taking long lunches and reading during every moment of free time. When it was over I had what I now can identify as an unbelievable “book hangover.”

I was literally in some sort of stupor, lost in the world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. And I did not want to come out! Frankly, I didn’t.

My curiosity about what made this book so compelling, powerful, and arousing led me on a three year journey to dig deeper into why readers fell so hard for Fifty Shades of Grey and, especially, Mr. Christian Grey.

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