Leap Into March with a Smart and Sexy Spring Giveaway

Spring Giveaway

Welcome to the Smart and Sexy Spring Giveaway!

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Leap into March with the Smart and Sexy Spring Giveway!

Workshop: Writing the Erotic Short Story

Writing the Erotic Short Story
With Louisa Bacio
April 7th – 28th, 2016
TRACK: Craft
LENGTH: 4 weeks
$25.00 for Non-Members
$22.50 for RWA Members (10% OFF)
$18.75 for Passionate Ink Members (25% OFF)

Erotic on Old Typewriter's Keys.


The market is sizzling for short erotic romance. From box sets to anthologies to standalone novellas, readers ravenously pick them up.

Beginning writers are often told to: “Write the story you want to read, not what someone else might want to see.” This class, instead, deals with catering a short story specifically to a publisher’s request for submissions. Regularly, editors and publishers list upcoming anthologies and the types of stories they’re looking to include.

The course explores current call-outs, and students will be encouraged to write specifically for one submission call and to submit the work at the end of the course. Basic crafting of a short story, such as development, characterization, plot structure & dialogue also will be covered with the main focus on erotic romance. Since most short stories fall within 2,500 to 5,000 words, we’ll also look at ways to making word choice count and address the editing process.

End Goal: Come prepared to write! Student should write at least one new story during the course and actually send it out for submission. We want to see some publication success with this course.

Many previous students have completed their stories, and have been published.


Week 1: Idea to inspiration, Getting started & plotting

Week 2: Characterization and pacing

Week 3: Realistic dialogue and thematic development

Week 4: Critique process, polishing and submissions

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: A Southern California native, Louisa Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. The multi-published author of paranormal and contemporary erotic romance enjoys writing within all realms — from short stories to full-length novels. Bacio shares her household with a supportive husband, two daughters growing “too fast,” and a multitude pet craziness: Two dogs, five fish tanks, an aviary, hamsters, rabbits, and hermit crabs. In her other life, she teaches college classes in English, journalism, and popular culture.
Blog: http://louisabacio.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/LouisaBacio
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/LouisaBacio

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Keeping It Hot: Social Media Strategies for Erotica Authors

Keeping It Hot: Social Media Strategies for Erotica Authors
By Tyra Burton & Jana Oliver
March 10th – 24th, 2016
TRACK: Marketing
LENGTH: 2 weeks

This is a Passionate Ink Members-Only Workshop.  PI members, please visit the PI Workshops Forum for more information. Or Join Passionate Ink to attend this workshop.

Passionate Ink is a special interest chapter in Romance Writers of America. Must be a member of RWA and PASSIONATE INK. This workshop is FREE for PI members.

yellow censorship tapes


Marketing erotica or erotic romance on social media can be a daunting task. Often you’re forced to walk a fine line between creatively engaging with your readers, violating terms of service or just being banned.

Tyra Burton, marketing professor at Kennesaw State University (Georgia), and bestselling author Jana Oliver, present a hands-on interactive workshop designed to help you target your audience and decide which social media platforms work best for your books. And… how to keep it sexy without getting into hot water.

The lessons will include:

– Introduction to Social Media
– Social Media Terms & Management Tools
– Security/Anonymity Issues & Troll Taming
– Facebook Strategies
– Twitter Techniques
– Instagram & Tumblr
– Websites & Pinterest
– Review & Wrap Up

Each lesson will also include a homework assignment designed to apply the appropriate tips and techniques to your individual situation.

Tyra Burton
A master at connecting people, Tyra leverages social media on various platforms to engage and network. She is a Senior Lecturer of marketing at Kennesaw State University, as well as the developer of the Continuing Education’s Social Media Certificate program. Combining her twenty years of higher education experience and fifteen years of utilizing social media, she creates innovative and informative workshops to help people increase engagement in social media.
Her first book, Socially Engaged: The Author’s Guide to Social Media, written with Jana Oliver, was published in October 2014. A native Georgian, she lives in Metro Atlanta with her husband and their three socially engaging fur babies. She is available for consulting, workshops and speaking engagements. Tyra can be found on the webs at http://www.tyraburton.com and on Twitter as @TyraAnneBurton.

Jana Oliver
An international bestseller and the recipient of over a dozen major awards, including the Maggie Award of Excellence, the Daphne du Maurier, National Readers Choice and the Prism Award, Jana Oliver’s vivid imagination is never at rest.
In her young adult Demon Trappers series, Riley Blackthorne, Atlanta’s first female trapper, takes on a host of Hellspawn and their diabolical masters. This award-winning series has spread across the globe, with editions in ten countries, including Russia, Taiwan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The latest in the series, MIND GAMES, was published last Halloween.
When not wandering around the Internet, blogging about social media, or researching urban myths, Jana lives in Atlanta with her very patient husband, and a growing collection of single malt Scotch. She can be found at http://www.JanaOliver.com and on Twitter as @crazyauthorgirl.

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What It’s Like to Be a Swinger

Life Less Monagamous

By A.C. Rose

Cooper S. Beckett has vowed to save the world from mundane sexuality, even if he has to do it one person at a time.

It sounds so seventies, but… Cooper is a swinger.  He is also author of My Life on the Swingset, a collection of essays about his first five years on the scene; and most recently he

penned A Life Less Monogamous, a novel about swinging that publishes on February 9.

For the past six years, he’s been running the Life On The Swingset website, where he reports on swinging, polyamory, and open relationships from the trenches. You can also listen to his podcast there.

Most of his work reflects his desire to publicly explore what it means to be open sexually in a world that’s often closed.  But that’s not all he does publically. You can read more about that in his books.

In his new novel, A Life Less Monogamous, Ryan and Jennifer are a married couple wondering, “Is that all there is?” A chance meeting with Bruce and Paige leads them into a world of hedonistic pleasures and delights they’d never even dreamed of.  Their new world includes threesomes, sex parties, and a deep connection with friends and with each other.  Oh my.

Cooper, no longer part of a couple, now goes it solo on the scene.  “I was married, and non-monogamy isn’t the reason my marriage ended,” he says. “It is great to be partnered in non-monogamous communities, but it’s unnecessary.”

Read my interview with Cooper Beckett here.


A Positive Spin on Romance Books

I saw this comment from Marjorie Liu and just had to share because it is such a great definition of what romance books are to women and how they can empower readers.

This is from Making a Monstress: Lauren K. Alleyne interviews Marjorie Liu. Please read the full interview here on Guernica MagazineMarjorie is also creates comic book characters.

Guernica: I want to hear your thoughts on the romance novel as a genre, because on the one hand, they establish and perpetuate certain norms for women, but on the other hand, I think the way you write romances is quite transgressive. So why romance? What do you see as the value or potential of that particular genre?

Marjorie Liu: For the most part, romance novels are stories about women finding and taking up space for themselves. And not just taking up space, but daring to find happiness. And yes, romance novels are about the fantasy—the heterosexual fantasy—of having the perfect relationship with a man, but it’s also about women taking power over their sexuality, women taking control over their lives, women making themselves vulnerable to all the intimacies of love. Love can be devastating. It’s hard, actually, falling in love. It requires making yourself vulnerable, and romance novels are all about women making themselves vulnerable, and finding strength and happiness from that great act of courage.

The other thing is that women and their sexuality are often painted in a very negative light, not just in popular culture and other media, but on a societal and cultural level. In romance novels, though, a woman’s sexuality is always incredibly positive. There’s nothing more positive in a romance novel than a woman embracing her sexuality and being fulfilled sexually. There’s nothing shameful about it.

It would be a mistake to say that romance novels are perfect, but in these books, women are getting everything they want. They’re getting perfect love, in which they’re appreciated; they’re getting great sex that they’re not condemned for or made to feel ashamed of; they’re pursuing careers and adventure, and while they’re on their own adventures they’re coming alive to themselves. It’s beautiful, uplifting, escapist fantasy. As someone who had never read romance novels before I was in my early twenties, it was a revelation; I ate them up like crazy because I’d never seen such positive and uplifting messages around women’s sexuality. I’d never seen such a positive portrayal of this desire to be loved and to live a full, unapologetic life. I felt a lot of hope and constant reinforcement that sex is healthy and sex is good, and that we’re permitted this part of our lives in ways that have nothing to do with shame.