‘Stay After Class’ Song List

A passionate professor. A smitten student. An attraction that cannot be denied. Here’s my song list for Stay After Class, coming soon.

A B C – The Jackson Five

Dreaming of You – Selena

Are you Ready? –  Barbara Mason

The Touch of You -Brenda and the Tabulations

When Will I See You Again? – The Three Degrees

Don’t Leave Me This Way  – Thelma Houston

Love Hangover – Diana Ross

Day Dreaming – Aretha Franklin

Just to See Her Again – Smokey Robinson

Stay – Jackson Browne

Please Be Gentle (Calling Your Name) – Frederick

Happy -Smokey Robinson

Falling in Love – Joe, Frank, & Reynolds



Go Away Little Girl – Grown Up Donny Osmond

To Sir With Love – Lulu


Torrance Coombs: My Crush of the Week

OMG, Torrance Coombs!  Watched him on “Heartland” a while back and thought: If only they would do something with his too-short hair. I could tell he was a great actor… and those eyes. Then I discovered him on “Reign,” with an English accent, mussed hair… and those eyes.  Was so glad to find him in this starring role (I am catching up on Netflix).

This guy can act, and he is swoon-worthy as a total Alpha warrior with a heart and conscience who is a giving lover and a caring mate.  Shondaland snapped him up very recently for the lead in “Still Star-Crossed,” which was ordered as a pilot.  It is a Romeo and Juliet inspired show. He will play Count Paris (Juliet’s suitor before Romeo).

He also appeared on The Tudors.  Find his social media here.






Healthy Treat: Watching Steamy Movies Together

By A.C. Rose

As the ‘Hot Romance’ columnist for the Three Tomatoes and an author of erotic romance books, including the forthcoming Stay After Class, I was asked to share my thoughts on why watching adult videos together can be helpful.


1. Men burn up like a match but women heat up like an iron. Adult films can stir the sex hormones and be arousing. While men can generally achieve arousal and orgasm within a few minutes, women need more time to warm up and a good, sexy movie can help get her there.

2. They are training videos.  Men and women often do have different tastes in films. We have all heard that women love stories and men love pictures and action. So find movies that appeal to couples, like the films of my friend, the late Candida Royalle. She included hot scenes with love stories and often used real couples as actors.

3.It is fun get aroused together. We all have fantasies and desires, but many people want to experience them from the safety of their own bedroom, with our significant other. Adult films give us a chance to watch people act out sexual scenes that are arousing, and to partake in the taboo together. Even if a couple does not want to act out what they see on the screen, they can use the erotic energy to be a little hotter, or naughtier, together.

4. Sex films can open the conversation. This culture likes to think that men have dirtier minds than women, but you would be surprised. I know from running a number of fan pages on Facebook and from writing erotic novels that women like to fantasize about hot, sizzling sex and many women love the idea of being ‘taken’ by a hot alpha male. So this may not being exactly how your mate comes across, but watching a film that demonstrates a hot female fantasy can get a couple talking… and then kissing… and then… well, you know.

 5. It’s only a movie.  An erotic film that helps a couple bring some heat into their bedroom can be very positive. And it can help couples learn more about each other’s tastes and secret passions and fantasies. At the end of the day, it’s a movie. A kissing and sex movie. An orgasm movie. And much better for your love life than watching a thriller, car chase, or violence before bed.