Jessie Clever Shows Romance Authors How to Create and Manage Newsletters

Every author needs a newsletter and an Email list of readers. But where do you even start? And how do your build your list?

Newsletters are a dynamic vehicle for communicating with readers between books — and selling books when published — but your newsletter is only as good as its content. Find out how and where to launch your newsletter, how to add value, and how to develop rapport with readers and keep them interested.

We spoke with Jessie Clever, who is teaching 16 Secrets to Creating a Successful Author Newsletter, August 8 through September 2, 2016. This offered online via Passionate Ink/Romance Writers of America.

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Jessie Clever

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Why is a newsletter so important for author?
A newsletter is the strongest tool in your marketing arsenal.  It is your one direct connection to your reader that will guarantee delivery of your message. This reader has already indicated they are interested in your work, and your newsletter can take them from a casual read to an autobuy.
With so many newsletters out that, how can an author stand out?
There are two objectives you want to keep in mind when crafting your newsletter.  You want to make it memorable and you want to establish a personal connection with the reader.  The second is probably the strongest link you can create between you and your reader.  Be sure to focus on that for every newsletter.
What are some of the platforms authors can use to create newsletters?
Platforms range from Constant Contact to Mad Mimi to MailChimp.  In this workshop we’ll spend an entire lesson on determining which platform is right for you.  It’s not about one being better than the other.  It’s finding one that makes creating a newsletter seem less like a chore, so you’re more apt to complete it on a regular schedule.
What kind of bonus material makes newletters appealing?
Readers want more of the same.  The best bonus material is that which inserts the reader back into the world you’ve created.  Whether it’s a short story or a character interview, give the readers more of what they already love.
What are the topics covered in your class
Lesson 1: Choosing the Right Features
Lesson 2: Choosing a Platform
Lesson 3: Get Readers to Sign Up
Lesson 4: Avoiding Spammers
Lesson 5: Responsive Design
Lesson 6: Consistent Features
Lesson 7: Using Polls and Surveys
Lesson 8: Bonus Materials
Lesson 9: Get Personal
Lesson 10: Utilizing Photos
Lesson 11: Get Subscribers to Share Your Newsletter
Lesson 12: Giveaways
Lesson 13: Give Readers a Reason to Sign Up
Lesson 14: Buddy Up
Lesson 15: Members Only
Lesson 16: When to Send a Newsletter
Can participants look forward to your feedback and support on their newsletter ideas and plans?
Absolutely!  The last few days of the class are saved entirely to present your ideas and mock ups to the class and receive feedback.  This workshop will be a wealth of experience, and I want my students to be able to take advantage of that.
Anything else you hope to impart?
Newsletters above all else are the most important tool you have in marketing.  They are your direct connection to your reader.  Make the most of it.

Click here to register. RWA Members should login to myRWA to receive their 10% discount. PI members should visit the PI Workshops forum for their 25% Discount Code.

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