The Black Room: Four Books Free in New Series from Jasinda Wilder


Step into The Black Room. Once you enter, anything goes. No fantasy—however dark and dirty and depraved it may be—is forbidden. You have no past, no inhibitions, no morals…and no memory.  

All you have to cling to is the memory of a scorching touch, a searing kiss, the wet slide of skin on skin, and the heat of breath across your flesh. 

Step forward… Turn the knob… Step through into THE BLACK ROOM.

You don’t want to miss this sexy and super hot series from my friend Jasinda Wilder. Books One, Three, Five, and Seven are FREE on Amazon so grab them while you can!

They can be read alone but the other four books are available at a reduced price of $2.99. Limited time. Links to all books on Kindle below. Enjoy!


The Black Room – Door One – FREE
The Back Room – Door Two
The Black Room – Door Three – FREE
The Black Room – Door Four
The Black Room – Door Five -FREE
The Black Room – Door Six
The Black Room – Door Seven – FREE
The Black Room – Door Eight

Complete series available in paperback.

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Author Jasinda Wilder shares a story about The Black Room and how the series came to be:

This is like nothing I’ve published before It might even be like nothing you’ve ever read before. In fact, it’s so different that I’ve gone back and forth about even publishing it at all for about a year. At one point I did even publish a part and then took it down; yes, it has the potential to be that controversial. Encouraged by my amazing WILD WITH WILDER Facebook reader group, I’ve gained the courage to hit “publish.”

It all started with a conversation with a friend about sexual fantasies, I’m going to call her Jade…Jade London. In talking with her, this story popped into my head inspired by a few of her fantasies and experiences. So just for fun, I started writing THE BLACK ROOM. Now, these stories are told in the voice I had in my head of my friend Jade, so you will notice it might be different from my other work and she is also credited as an author, since she was the inspiration for it. Yes, this series is very explicit, enough so that I would call it more like erotica/suspense with an erotic romance theme. If you have been offended by scenes in Madame X, Alpha, or Stripped I will tell you it’s probably best to skip this series all together. The sex scenes in these books are beyond even my hottest level.

You’ve been warned.

In fact, I would go so far as to suggest not reading these during Thanksgiving dinner with family… it may even cause spontaneous pregnancy.

Is that enough of a warning?

The layout and pricing of this series is also a bit unusual. I really wanted the reader to have to “enter” each door, I wanted you to have to take that step to enter the next room. So, artistically, I knew that having them stand alone as 8 separate doors was important. I also wanted to keep the pricing in line with my other books, and the only way that really made sense for me to do that was to make doors 1, 3, 5 and 7 free. Yes, I realize there are people that might take advantage of that and just skip the other doors. But, if you really want to have a unique and powerful reading experience I suggest reading all of them in order. I am publishing all 8 novellas at once because each one does create a bit of a cliffy, and I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

This series is over 800 pages in my usual print format at nearly 200,000 words, so we made the print edition larger, like my BIG GIRLS omnibus, so we could get it all in if you wanted the full collection in print. I’ll be sure to link that below. Shout out to Okay Creations and Champagne Formatting for a beautiful job on the print edition. It’s a piece of art.

Complete series available in paperback.


Tell Me A Story: Interview with Bestselling Author Tamara Lush

Tell Me a Story just hit #1 in erotica on Amazon in Canada, Australia and the U.K.! Author Tamara Lush is now offering the book free to readers around the globe.

We spoke to Tamara about her dual career as a reporter and romance author, and about her Story Series.  Tell Me a Story is currently free as part of the Vote For Romance campaign on #instafreebie. Get your free copy here.

Find out more about the Vote for Romance campaign on Tamara’s blog and get 12 other free books.


Get Your Free Copy of TELL ME A STORY.

Your day job is reporter for a major news organization. What’s your beat?

I cover the west coast of Florida. It’s mostly a general assignment beat, writing stories about agriculture and tourism. Also the occasional execution. And hurricanes and alligators and all sorts of weird stuff. I also help out with national stories. 

Many hard news reporters end up penning fiction from their beat – crime, politics, etc.  What inspired you to choose romance novels?

I’ve always loved sexy romance stories ever since high school. I was the girl who had the stash of taboo books and loaned them to friends. I considered writing a romance in my early twenties, but was too focused on journalism to really be effective. In 2012, I wrote the first chapter of a book, then stuck it in a file cabinet.

Tell us about Tell Me a Story, which is now free to readers around the world.

The first book in the Story series is a novella is called Tell Me a Story. Bookstore owner Emma Price attends a sexy literacy fundraiser called Story Brothel in Orlando, expecting a few raunchy jokes and a chance to show off her writing. She’s intrigued when Caleb King, a successful real estate developer in a custom tailored suit, pays to listen to her read from her erotic novel.  Later, the mysterious Caleb with beautiful eyes asks her to read him a bedtime story at his penthouse condo – and she can’t say no to his demands.

But Emma’s been burnt before, and is reluctant to be the plaything of a rich man whose world is so different than hers. She also doesn’t need distractions because her business in danger of closing and everything she’s worked for is poised to crumble. Emma’s made it this far in life on her own, but as her one-night stand develops into something deeper, can she trust Caleb when his own secrets are revealed? 

So how steamy does it get?

It gets pretty steamy, but like my other two books, there’s a sweetness to it. Even beyond the hot sex, I love to write about the rush of love. I enjoy writing characters that fundamentally respect each other – but they have internal reasons why they don’t think they deserve a happy-ever-after. 

You have some such an amazing romance writer name. Some people may be surprised it’s not a pen name. Do you think perhaps it was a sign you were destine to be a romance writer?

Ha! I think it was. So many people ask me if my name is a pen name. But no, my parents were just hippies in California in the 1970s and wanted to name me something a little different. 

As a reader, what do you love most about romance novels?

I love reading about the chase. The flirtation. The banter. The anticipation of that first kiss, that first touch, that first moment when the characters know they’re about to have sex…I can’t get enough of that.

Visit Tamara Lush at her website.

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