Arousal Excerpt: The First Love Bite

“Okay, how about you consider one day at a time?” he urged. At least he was negotiating rather than trying to drag me back to his cave like a Neanderthal. “For now, pretend, for this night, you are mine. And I am yours. Let’s see where it goes.”

I was impressed with his temporary solution. His words made me tingle all over, in a good way.
“Okay, one night,” I said, “and no sex.” I couldn’t believe I brought up the S word again and how loudly I emphasized the word no. “You have to stop interfering with my job and let me get back to work.”
“Done.” He moved closer to me. “Except one more thing.”
With that, he bent down and moved one large hand to the side of my head, into my hair, to gently hold me. His lips found mine and he kissed his way down my cheek and chin, finally finding my neck. He caressed my neck sweetly, and sensually licked the skin, sending an erotic charge through me. I melted into his arms. Before I even realized what he was doing, he found a sensitive spot and began sucking. Hard.  Pleasure released into my body and hurried through my system, making me desire him even more. He held his mouth in place for a long time and then pulled away with a look of satisfaction, turning my cheek so he could look at his handiwork.
“There,” he teased. “Mine. For tonight, anyway.”
“Did you give me a hickey?” I snapped, reaching to where his mouth had been. “Vampire! That is going to last a lot longer than one night.”
He gave me a sly look. “Ms. Monroe, you don’t really believe in vampires, do you?”

“Not any more than I believe in destiny.” Maybe I wasn’t really sure what I believed at the moment with hickey-induced endorphins flooding my brain.
“I’ve left my love bite so you’d remember the feelings stirred tonight, even if you aren’t ready to accept that this is more than a sexual connection we share.” He appeared to be quite pleased with himself.
He was right. I had a hard time believing this was anything more than animal attraction, and I still thought he was off the rails with all his talk about fate. But I had to admit, it took a person who was self-assured enough to slice through my resistance to letting men get close and clever enough to keep my interest aroused.

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